Monday, August 15, 2016

Honda unveils the new tenth generation Honda Civic Hatchback - It looks nicer than the sedan that was just launched here

Honda has revealed to us the new tenth generation Honda Civic Hatchback. The car, that is current being built at Honda's Swindon factory in the UK is also meant for export to the United States of America. Funny thing eh? Honda is now built in the UK for sale in Europe and now the USA. Did you know that Honda Japan has not sold a normal Civic ever since they stopped production of the eight generation Civic?

I think Honda Japan must have also agreed with most of the automotive journalists (Yours Truly included)  that the car sucked, big time and didn't bother to sell one over there. So this tenth generation must be so good until they're restarting production of the Civic sedan and maybe this hatchback over in Japan. 

Anyway, the all-new hatchback has super aggressive styling. At the rear end. The rear bumper seems to have grown two super large black patches compared to the ones on the sedan. The front end gets more black-out bits instead of chrome. The whole shape is similar to the sedan but is a little more abrupt at the rear. It somehow looks nicer than the sedan. I think this is because there seem to be less rear overhang compared to the sedan. 

This time the car also looks sporty instead of just futuristic like the sedan. It looks better as it now adds something which I think was missing to the styling of the car. But I do think those two big black honeycomb bits at the rear bumper pulls your focus to them. Maybe this is a tad bit distracting in a way. Maybe this is so that you will lose sight on the fact that Honda's designers have decided to pull out every known trick they can find on how to make this Civic into the world beater the Civic name once was. The styling is super modern and in hatchback form, better than the sedan. But those big honeycomb grilles at the rear............

But. The car looks better than the Civic Type R that Europe currently gets. That is based on the Euro specced ninth generation Civic that it still being produced in UK for Europe. I suppose once this Civic Hatchback's production goes full swing. It will stop. All for the better I think. This looks so much better. Even in normal, non-Type-R form it already looks super sporty. Imagine how the next CTR will look like. Take a look at this current Euro-R. Nothing compared to this new hatch. 

First models would be the 1.5 VTEC Turbo variant obviously. This would be the only engine worthy of a car that looks like what it does. I wonder if Honda Malaysia could launch this car here. I doubt it, but let's just hope a little.

For my thoughts on driving the Malaysian spec 2016 Honda Civic Sedan 1.5VTEC Turbo, click here.

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