Thursday, August 11, 2016

Spotted For Sale: 1989 Daihatsu Mira Walk-Through Van - Not a Kei Car, but a Kei Van.

This is an interesting find - A L70 series Daihatsu Mira 660cc Walk-Through van from 1989. This grey import has come in via the classic car AP (Approval Permit) for cars older than 25 years of age. This is the L70 version and not the later L200 (the version that Perodua made into the Kancil) because of the L200 was first launched in 1990 and it had more flush fitting headlights as well as a slightly rounded bumper. But this isn't something to discuss about. This was a Kei car that became a Kei van.

Now in order to make this Daihatsu Mira Walk-Through they kept the front end of the Mira but somehow grafted on a large steel box from the A-pillar onwards. Like any walk through van, (common in certain European countries and the United States where they are milk trucks or ice-cream vans), it has only a door on one side to get in and out. Located on what is usually the passenger side of the car it also means that there is only one seat, the driver's. 

Now if you look at it properly, this van is really a commercial van. Suitable for transporting commercial stuff. I also cannot see any other seats for anyone else to sit on. If it has any seats it would be small foldable seats stuck to the sides of the van. So this looks like fun. But fun for one. 

Of course, another worrying bit is that it is only powered by a 660cc three cylinder engine. 31hp when it was new and coupled to a 4 speed automatic transmission. Now, a good 25 plus years you may also ask how many Japanese ponies have already escaped.

The asking price is RM48,000. A little steep for such a toy. And one that may need a commercial licence to drive around legally as if I am not mistaken, you can only drive a panel van if you have a commercial driver's licence. Now if this is true, this fact would be such a bummer as it does look cute and warrant someone buying it and driving around Malaysia. Anyway, ask first before plunging in.

The original ad is on here (while it lasts) and also down below.

Seller Says:

Unreg 1989
Daihatsu Mira Walkthrough (Automatik)
1st in Malaysia
Immaculate Condition





Engine Capacity
660 cc

40 000 - 44 999

Mfg. Year
 RM48,000 o.n.o

Classic Vehicle
Collector's Item
Trade in Accepted (Selected models)

Call/Wapps Show contact number Khairul

Mencari kereta klasik/classic..??? Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Mazda, Honda, Chevrolet, Dodge, Mustang, Ford, Rover, Mini, Austin, Morris, BMW, Mercedes Benz

Hubungi kami:-

Imported by:-
Go Daddy Motorsport
Pengimport Kereta & Motorsikal Klasik
(AP Holder & PEKEMA Member No. 567)

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