Thursday, July 05, 2018

Toyota Announces New "All About The Drive" Brand Direction & This Year's Vios Challenge Series in Malaysia

UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd (UMWT) has announced its new brand direction and commitment in response to the changing market and customers. They have decided to rejuvenate the “All About the Drive” branding platform with new ideas especially through the upcoming Vios Challenge series. This is the second year that the one make series is happening with another round of races featuring the Sporting Class for Professional racers, Super Sporting Class and the Promotional class featuring local celebrities.

According to UMWT, the new “All About the Drive” is led by two brand promises which are to “excite the daily drives” of its customers and to deliver “prominence” through their product, services and association with the brand. UMWT also said that it will provide high value-added products as well as rewarding ownership experiences for its customers. We shall see what comes out in future products in events.

“We will provide high value-added and advanced products with advanced safety and connectivity features. We will also ensure the ownership experience of a Toyota will be worry-free and rewarding through high quality services and strong network,” said Mr. Ravindran K, President, UMWT. .

The company has also committed to deliver its brand new messages and ideas especially to the younger generation, through digital communication (i.e websites like Motoring Malaysia, ahem, ahem). They also promises many exciting on-ground brand experiences.

In sharing some of the upcoming activities under the new “All About the Drive” concept the folks at UMWT added that the inaugural series of the Vios Challenge in Malaysia has proven to be very successful and a second season has been confirmed this year, starting August 2018.

Apart from the Sporting Class for semi-professionals and the Super Sporting Class for professional racers, the Promotional Class race will have celebrities taking part. Janna Nick, Diana Danielle, Shawn Lee and Syukri Yahaya who raced in Season 1 will take part again.

There will be six new faces challenging the four celebrities -  Aiman Tino, Khai Bahar, Nabila Razali, Wany Hasrita, Akim Ahmad, and Nabil Ahmad. As with the first group of celebrities, this new group will also be given training at the Vios Academy so they will be better prepared for the races.

The Vios Challenge will also retain their sponsors as in the first season. They are Toyo Tyres, Denso, TRD Asia, Enkei, Moty’s, Drive M7 Energy Drinks, and Toyota Capital Services. While the Vios Challenge will be the highlight of the TGR Racing Festival weekends, there will also be many other activities for all the family at all the Vios Challenge / Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR)Events.

As an extension to the TGR, UMWT will also be involved in the fast-growing sport of E-Sports that has over 14 million gamers in Malaysia alone. Take note, computer games will also play a part in this round of events.

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