Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Volkswagen Iconic Cars Are Now in Uniqlo’s latest UT Tee-Shirt Collection - RM39.90 for a Beetle or a Kombi on Your Chest

Volkswagen has teamed up with Uniqlo here in Malaysia. You know, that apparel company that offers affordable classic stuff like T-shirts, shirts, trousers, socks, thermal underwear and other comtemporary stuff you can wear at a bargain. Anyway, three of Volkswagen’s icons are now placed on Uniqlo’s latest T-shirts (UT) Collection for men. But who's stopping women from wearing T-shirts right?

The new Uniqlo T-shirts have been launched under ‘The BRANDS’ range. There are eight designs which feature the classic Volkswagen Beetle, the cool Kombi and the Golf GTI. All are Volkswagen iconic cars and to this day are revered for their design and in the case of the Golf GTI, the performance too.

The UT Collection for the Uniqlo brand is essentially their T-shirt collection where they usually collaborate with an iconic brand or image which is popular in pop culture or any sort of culture like from film, cartoons or in this case, automotive culture.Volkswagen’s rich heritage which spans over 80 years, combined with these iconic models was the perfect choice for the partnership.

According to Volkswagen, the range will appeal to Volkswagen fans wanting to wear their love for the brand on their sleeve, and resonates with the spirit of Volkswagen as the ‘People’s Car’. And since 'The Brands featuring Volkswagen range' under the UT Collection is currently available at all Uniqlo stores in Malaysia, and retails at RM39.90, it is extremely affordable to prance around in a Volkswagen Tee.

Visit www.uniqlo.com.my for more details - 2019 Motoring Malaysia

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