Thursday, February 22, 2018

Short Video On The 2017/2018 Malaysia Spec Haval H2 SUV

This is a short video on the 2017/2018 Haval H2. Just a short teaser of something we shot on the fly whilst assisting Malaysian motoring legend Y.S. Khong in his review of the car. 

A short review on this will be published on our YouTube channel eventually. This is a 147hp, 210 Nm 1.5liter turbocharged petrol powered engine with a 6 speed traditional torque converter gearbox. None of the automated manual transmission stuff like in the smaller H1. This makes the drive experience quite normal compared to the H1 which needs some getting used to at first.

Anyway, the SUV which is designed, built in China but assembled in Malaysia is actually pretty decent. China have improved in terms of car manufacturing.

Be patient for the video review. I have only two hands and too many hobbies to boot.

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