Sunday, February 04, 2018

VW Club Malaysia Wins Goodyear Malaysia's Battle of The Clubs

Recently, Goodyear Malaysia concluded the six-month Battle of The Clubs series by naming the VW Club Malaysia The Best Car Club 2017 at the Final Show Down event. The six month long Battle of the Clubs (BOTC) started in June 2017 and VW Club Malaysia managed to come up tops after competing in all the back to back team challenges against seven other local car clubs. The club won RM5,000 worth of club funding, a trophy and exclusive Goodyear merchandise.

The first runner up was the MyVi Movement which came up only five points short behind VW Club Malaysia. They won RM3,000, a trophy and exclusive Goodyear merchandise. The Peugeot Club Malaysia grabbed the 2 nd Runner-up spot (aka third)  and received RM2,000, a trophy and exclusive Goodyear merchandise. Peugeot Club Malaysia also won the Car Clubs Show Down Display competition as they scored the highest points in the auto show presentation and active participation during the event finales. Coming up third and winning the display competition means they get their pic in here also. 

The other clubs that participated and tried hard, but came up short are the Civic X Community who came up fourth, then the Club Audi Malaysia, Benzer Motorsports Malaysia, The Rusted Jackets and Satria Society made up the order. Try harder next time is all I can say.

The BOTC finals was open to public for the first time as the earlier events were conducted in closed sessions.  The one day event and closing ceremony saw over 1,200 club members and friends as well as over  600 cars. There were lots of things to do with the Car Clubs Show Down Display being the highlight of the day. There was also the individual car club display corner, Speed Junkies Car & Drag Show organized by McClubz - where it seems a Golf can get a chance to try against a R35 Nissan GT-R. A lot of activities for car enthusiasts that day.

The BOTC had the eight selected participating car clubs taking part in six different team challenges over the course of six months since mid-2017. The competition featured relevant contests which would showcase their club members knowledge, skills, creativity, teamwork and passion for their cars and other fun stuff not related to cars too. Among the activities planned throughout for the program were the Endurance Karting Challenge, Paintball Challenge, Livery Design Challenge, the Time Attack Challenge, On The Road Treasure Hunt Challenge and Speed Junkies Best Car Club Display in conjunction with the finals.

The “Time Attack Challenge” was one of the last closed events and could have been the most memorable one as it allowed participants to drive a Lotus Evora 400S sports car fitted with Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 tyre. Participants had to complete a course with slalom tests, 360ยบ turn, a sprint back to the ending grid which then ended with a wet braking test. Driving a Lotus Evora with fresh, high performance tyres would definitely be the highlight of many who had the chance in driving it.

Ben Hoge, Managing Director of Goodyear Malaysia said, “Having identified the growing passion among car enthusiasts and their needs, we at Goodyear Malaysia are glad to organize this initiative to bridge the evident common interests and shared enthusiasm of local car clubs. We take pride in bringing the automotive scene in Malaysia to the next level,” 

This is the first time BOTC was held by Goodyear Malaysia. It is aimed to promote engagement and networking opportunities for the local car clubs in Malaysia as well as more awareness for Goodyear and their products. This programme is part Goodyear’s Shared Values initiative. 

This part of how Goodyear gives back to the community it conducts its businesses in. This initiative represents the company’s continuous efforts to improve and better the wellbeing of local communities that host the company’s operations. Anything that makes people happier is a good thing too.

 Rare Volkswagen Golf R32 on show.
 Another rare R32...but this time its a NISSAN GT-R R32

 Ol' Skool Mercedes 

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