Sunday, November 27, 2016

Haval Malaysia offers very generous incentives on the Haval M4 Crossover

If you are interested in buying something that is very different but in the price bracket of the usual Perodua and Proton range of vehicles there is that compact crossover from Haval Malaysia to consider. Now, Haval have announced a slew of incentives including a fantastically long 7 year unlimited mileage warranty. It would make sense as these days a lot of Malaysians take car loans of up to 9 years.

Aside from the long warranty, there are cash incentives for those interested to purchase too. And then there is the free 1st year insurances and free 3 months car installment. There is also Free five years service or 100,000 km for labour fees and spare parts (which comes first) and one can upgrade to the Haval M4 Comfort to the Premium variant. Holy moly. That is a whole lot of incentives.

You can read about our comprehensive test drive of the Haval M4 AMT here. We actually liked it because it offers something different within that affordable price range. We even got used to the AMT type transmission when we drove it. 

HAVAL M4 Offers Interesting Incentives To Their Buyers

GLENMARIE, 24 November 2016 - Haval Malaysia is now moving one step forward by

offering various attractive incentives to prospective buyers for their brand new Haval M4,

starting from today until December 31, 2016.

Among the attractive incentives that will await them is a warranty up to 7 years with

unlimited mileage. For the record, Haval M4 is the only vehicle brand that offers a warranty

for the period.

Haval Malaysia is also giving a cash incentive regardless of the type of vehicles to cover the

balance of hire purchase depreciation value of your existing car. In fact, the value for the

same incentive can be used as a deposit for the purchasing of a new Haval M4.

"Haval M4 is also willing to make an easy process to the car's loan with the banks for those

who may be having some difficulty with it," said Dato SM Azli Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin


Besides, Haval Malaysia also offers three interesting incentive choices for the buyers of

Haval M4, which:

1. Free first year insurance payment and free three months bank's instalment.

2. Free five years service or 100,000 km for labour fees and spare parts (which comes first)

3. The upgrading of Haval M4 Comfort to the Premium variant.


Haval M4 is a B-segment SUV which is powered by the four-cylinder 1.5 litres VVT MPI

engine with 105hp at 6,000 rpm and 138 Nm at 4,200 rpm.

All the Haval M4 variants use the front wheel drive system and come with the 5-speed

manual transmission or 6-Speed automatic transmission.

The Haval M4 Comfort variant is priced at RM53,008 (MT) and RM60,017 (AT), while the

Haval M4 Premium variant is priced at RM59,839 (MT) and RM65,852 (AT). All prices are

on the road without insurance.

Now Haval Malaysia is introducing the Haval M4 Elite for the price of RM72,659 with the

front halogen lamps and the LED above it. The additional LED feature is also placed on the

fog lights which makes the vehicle looks more stylish. There are six colour options, which

are white, silver, black, blue, red and orange.

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