Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Mindless Ramblings: The Honda BRV is like Kim has a big behind.

I wrote about the preview of the upcoming Honda BRV at the Malaysia Autoshow 2016 recently but I think my current opinion about what I think about this 7 seater SUV warrants a separate article. 

Honda Malaysia has displayed the BRV 7 Seater SUV ahead of its launch. BRV stands for Bold Runabout Vehicle and actually sits below the HRV in Honda hirearchy. It should as it only has a 1.5liter 118ps/145Nm i-VTEC engine powering the SUV even though it is supposed to carry 7 people. But since it weighs somewhere in the region of 1,200kg to 1,300kgs, it would be adequate. Just adequate. Don't expect even its efficient CVT gearbox to cook up miraculous 0-100kmh times. 

But let's get to what I think about it's looks. This is more important than anything. Even the fact that it is supposed to go against the Toyota Avanza, Toyota Sienta, the Perodua Alza and even the upcoming Proton/Suzuki Ertiga (all are either 6-7 seater SUV or MPV). The BRV actually looks like a HRV with a larger behind. 

The larger more rounded rear end ensures that It has 539liters of boot space, multiple seating arrangements more than what a HRV could give you. So it is a HRV with a bigger behind.

Here is a HRV

And here is a BRV... Note the similar character lines...

This angle accentuates the rear end a bit more....

If one were to give some graphic description, Honda is the Kardashian family. WHy? Because Honda is famous. The Kardashians are famous. 

The HRV is like Chloe Kardashian whilst the BRV is Kim Kardashian since it has a much more bigger behind. Of course, Chloe has the slimmer body and longer legs, and being a 1.8 and can run faster compared to the stumpy Kim with its 1.5liter engine. But it has a bigger behind. Some people like bigger behinds. Some people think Kim is sexy. So some people think the BRV is sexy too.

I personally would go for a Kendall Jenner. Which if Kendall Jenner were a car it would be the new Civic Type-R. Or Caitlyn Jenner, who could be the new Honda NSX. Or vice versa. 

This is definitely going to be priced lower than the HR-V and therefore cheaper than the Toyota Sienta. And it will take on Toyota's Avanza (which is based on ancient technology) too - edited/updated as I had written that it was going to be cheaper than the Avanza which could be quite impossible...I must have been not paying attention. 

It could even give the local 7 seater MPV/SUVs by Proton and Perodua a run for their money too! The launch should be anytime int he first quarter of 2017 and price should be competitive. So stay tuned. But don't stay tuned to the Kardashians. Stay tuned to news on when Honda Malaysia is launching the BRV. Or Kim. As I will forever associate the BRV with.

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