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ISUZU Mu-X SUV awarded 2016 Borneo Safari International Offroad Challenge's ‘VEHICLE OF THE YEAR’

It looks like the entry of the Isuzu Mu-X lifestyle SUV in the 2016 Borneo Safari International Offroad Challenge was a successful one as it won the 'Vehicle of the Year' award there. This year's Borneo Safari was deemed to be the toughest in 12 years with daily rainfall causing delays. 

So this year's Borneo Safari was a very wet and muddy event I presume. Which is why I always suggest packing more clothing and undergarments for these sort of events. And salt, a lighter, matches, insect repellant as well as a servant (to bring you tea) and a masseur (for after event relaxation) if possible. If possible, bring the Four Seasons Resort with you as I was there recently and it was so relaxing.

Anyway, the Isuzu Mu-X did well. Able to keep up with its D-Max pickup truck siblings (above) which also participated. Even in the ultra-tough, aka hard core section of the trail that stretched some 30 km from the entrance arch near Kampung Garung to Timberwell Camp it survived without any change of parts or repairs. The stage mentioned above took three days to complete. 

Well, what would you expect from a company that builds and designs pickup trucks, SUVs and larger trucks? Heavy Duty reliability.




Kota Kinabalu (November 7, 2016) – The seven-seater Isuzu mu-X lifestyle SUV marked a

memorable debut in the 2016 Borneo Safari International Offroad Challenge when it won the

‘Vehicle of the Year’ Award.

According to Borneo Safari Organising Committee Chairman Faez A Nordin, this year’s

event was the toughest in 12 years. Daily rains caused a two-day delay as the nearly 430-

strong convoy struggled with slippery and muddy conditions and numerous steep uphill and

downhill slopes that tested driving skills to the limit.

“Yet the Isuzu mu-X performed flawlessly, even in the ultra-tough hard core section of the

trail that stretched some 30 km from the entrance arch near Kampung Garung to Timberwell

Camp that took three days to complete. It did not require any change of spare parts or any

repairs, which speaks volumes of its quality and reliability,” he said.

Isuzu Malaysia Sdn Bhd Executive Director Hajime Machimura expressed delight that the

Isuzu mu-X Monster made a successful debut and emerged with its reputation enhanced.

The three ‘battle-hardened’ Isuzu D-Max Monsters that accompanied the mu-X Monster also

successfully completed the challenge.

“This ‘proven-at- Borneo-Safari’ badge is one that every Isuzu can wear with pride. It is also

timely as we have just launched our refreshed range of D-Max and mu-X last week,” he said.

Modifications to the Isuzu mu-X were limited to the exterior as the 2.5-litre VGS turbo

Intercooler diesel engine matched to a 5-speed automatic transmission with sequential shift

remained stock standard.

This year’s Borneo Safari is the 10 th consecutive year of sponsorship by Isuzu Malaysia and

the company has pledged to continue supporting the premier international offroad challenge

in the region for years to come.

For more details of Isuzu’s range of vehicles, please go to ENDS

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