Tuesday, September 06, 2016

World’s First Genesis Studio Opens in Hanam, South Korea - Hyundai strengthens its new standalone luxury brand at home

 Hyundai is slowly making its Genesis luxury automotive brand into its own special standalone luxury brand. It will open its first dedicated "Genesis" brand space or studio as it is called, inside a newly built cultural complex called ‘Starfield’ in Hanam, 30km east of Seoul on September 9, 2016. 

The Genesis Studio embodies the brand directions of Genesis and its core characteristics. It will host the range-topping G90 limousine (seen above in the background and in the main pic), G80, and newly launched G80 Sport. The showroom seems to have that sparse, minimalist style of design and I suppose it is designed to fit into the cultural mall surroundings.

Malaysian Hyundai distributors Hyundai Sime Darby Motors had launched the Hyundai Genesis here in Malaysia in June last year and this has now become the G80 sedan. Changes to Hyundai Genesis during the rebadging as a standalone brand included new bumpers, new internals for the headlights and a revised grille. At the moment, I do not think that Hyundai Sime Darby will be bringing the Genesis brand anytime soon. Whilst the Hyundai Genesis 3.8 which was launched here was a pretty good car, demand for a RM400,000 premium Korean car is not there yet. 

However, they may be able to do a Lexus or an Infiniti in the near future as Hyundai as a manufacturer are fully capable. Their recent large car offerings - Sonata, i40, Santa Fe all seem to be well thought off and of good build quality. It needs that extra bit of perception and luxury of course. This new showroom in Hanam is a step in the right direction in terms of public perception (over in Korea). I expect more of the sort over in the United States of America where the brand seems to be accepted.

World’s First Genesis Studio Opens in Hanam, South Korea

 The first Genesis dedicated brand space opens in Korea

 The space is designed to stimulate customers’ curiosity about the brand

 Genesis will continue to open various types of brand spaces in other major cities

September 6, 2016 - Genesis, the luxury automotive brand, will open its first dedicated brand

space inside a newly built cultural complex ‘Starfield’ in Hanam, 30km east of Seoul on September

9. The Genesis Studio embodies the brand directions of Genesis and its core characteristics.

Being located in the high traffic area, the space is expected to attract lots of visitors, evoking their

curiosity around the brand.

“We are very excited to open the Genesis brand’s first dedicated brand space, Genesis Studio.

Visitors can easily drop by the Studio, and get a chance to know about Genesis. This space,

located in a busy area, will serve to introduce our brand, and to raise visitors’ curiosity around it.

We have also developed diverse concepts of brand spaces that fit for different objectives, so you

will see more exciting brand spaces to come in the near future,” said Manfred Fitzgerald, Head of

the Genesis brand.

As a design-focused brand, Genesis focuses on making the space embrace the brand’s unique

design directions. Located on the second floor of the complex, the Genesis Studio will host the

range-topping G90 limousine, G80, and G80 Sport. In particular, visitors can have an opportunity to

experience the G80 Sport ahead of its official launch scheduled later this year in Korea.

Visitors will also experience the luxury and attention to detail of the materials and technologies

through hands-on exhibits. For example, the doors of the G80 and G90 are displayed in Genesis

Studio in all available combinations of exquisite exterior colors and artisan interior materials.

Moreover, the Genesis Studio provides a one-stop, stress-free customer experience where brand

experience, test drives, purchases and consultation are conveniently offered to each customer.

Genesis experts will deliver interesting stories and values behind the Genesis brand along with

detailed information on Genesis vehicles. Visitors can also experience the comfortable yet dynamic

driving performance of the Genesis range by test driving the vehicles, even at high speeds, on a

range of specially-planned routes.

Starting from Genesis Studio in Hanam, Genesis plans to open diverse concepts of brand spaces

in major markets. As the first dedicated brand space for Genesis, the site in Hanam will inspire

other Genesis brand spaces around the world.

Following the flagship G90 and G80, its variant G80 Sport, which was unveiled at the 2016 Busan

International Motor Show in early June, will start selling in Korea later this year. With the launch of

G70 scheduled next year, the Genesis brand’s fascinating product line-up will keep expanding.

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