Sunday, September 25, 2016

Opinion: And the ugliest car sold in Malaysia today is.......NOT the Nissan Almera

This afternoon I was having some drinks at the mamak over at Desa Sri Hartamas with some friends. And then the car in the picture above passed by. An Infiniti QX80. Then it hit me that the QX80 IS the ugliest car sold in the country right now. Actually, the world. Allow me to explain.

An Infiniti QX80 costs from RM797,000++ here and it comes with Hydraulic Body Motion Control System helps decrease body lean for a more comfortable and controlled ride, Eletronic terrain-mode controller (Road, Sand, Rock), Intelligent Driver Assist Package (ICC, PFCW, DCA, LDP, BSI, BCI), Advance Climate Control System with auto-recirculation, Plasmacluster ® air purifier and rear curtain vents, Dual 7-inch color monitors mounted on headrest for multimedia video playback with wireless remote control, Climate-controlled front seats and a lot more stuff. But why the heck is it so darn ugly. 

Imagine the argument for buying a QX80 - Right, I have decided to buy this behemoth of a SUV because I find the Range Rover Sport 3.0liter Supercharged (which costs nearly the same) not exclusive enough or stylish enough also. I also find the Lexus LX570, a BMW X5, an Audi Q7, a Volvo XC90 all not good looking vehicles as I have fallen in love with the QX80. It is 'beautiful'. 

What? What sort of drugs or medication have you taken? Somehow like the person who designed the original Ssangyong Stavic MPV it is okay to take your inspiration from a yacht. The QX80's designer decided that the front end of an American Truck with its low set light looks proper. The grille also sits awkwardly low and the bonnet has some sort of hump like an old 1950s pickup truck.  But since it is a modern 5 door SUV it looks awkward as it also looks like a 1940s American sedan with modern SUV style wheels. If it had wider wheel arches and a side step it would be an actual vintage car. 

Look at it head on (pic above). The grille is rectangle, the lights are an assymetrical on all sides and nothing lines up to the fender vents after you've left the front end. 

The fender vents seem to be tacked on as an afterthought as if it suddenly was slapped on because someone decided that it needed fender vents.. Where the heck is the cohesiveness in design? As does that sudden hoffmeister-like C-pillar kink that suddenly turns back into the car. And this...and that..... And for Teh Tarik's sake, look at that darn rear...why the heck is the rear end so sad looking? knows it's a QX.

There are so many things wrong with this car and it is comes in as 3rd in Road & Track's 10 ugliest cars on sale today feature. I however disagree with them stating the BMW 5 Series GT is the ugliest car sold in America. THIS is the ugliest car sold in America...and the world. So you see, it isn't just me. It is the world famous Road & Track magazine. I rest my case.

Actually it beats the Nissan Almera, with its Kim Kardashian sized boot, and be the ugliest car sold in Malaysia today. Isn't it a coincidence that both are from the same company? Infiniti is a luxury offshoot of Nissan. I really do think that they need to get the Renault design people into Nissan quickly since they are part of the same alliance of companies. Really quickly. 

Of course I also have to state that the people at Nissan in Malaysia have done a great job in selling ice to the eskimos or sand to the Arabs here as you do see many Almaris running around. Kudos to them for being able to push the Almera to gullible Malaysian motorists. It is a fantastic marketing coup. 

But it would be easier to sell the Nissan brand as it is a trusted Japanese brand and the Almari sells for under RM80,000 instead of RM800,000 like this 12th century castle from Transylvania. Or was it Hell. Oh, this means that the Nissan Almari is the second most ugliest car sold in Malaysia today. 

And many actually bought this actually outsells  Infiniti's other SUVs, the QX50 and QX70, as well as outselling the mighty Lexus LX series of large SUVs. So how can this be? I think people like ugly as heck cars as they are 'unique'. They will be the only one buying a QX80 and they can say I bought it because I can. 

Or because they are simply very, very insane. 
No amount of stylish photography can hide the truck-like features. Maybe this is what makes it sell over in America!


  1. Hmm.. it doesn't look nice at all

  2. the bonnet somehow reminds me of this fish humphead wrasse. Maybe the designer went for a diving trip, saw this fish and think is a good idea to imitate the fish's forehead with the bonnet

    1. He must have hit his head on some coral reefs and the last thing he saw was that ugly fish. If they wanted to imitate a fish..they should try something like a shark.


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