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Spotted For Sale: 1985 Toyota Starlet 1.3 (m) - Another 1980s Toyota that had a following back in the day

This EP71 Toyota Starlet you see here was from a time when Toyota actually produced some nice to drive cars instead of just chasing profit margins. We had the AE86s as well as the Celica, Supra and also something called the Starlet Turbo. The Starlet was what Toyota had beneath the Corolla in the days prior to the Soluna/Vios. I think it was a nice name for a small little car. I do wonder why Toyota stopped using the moniker.

Anyway, the 70 series or 2nd Generation Toyota Starlet was launched in 1984 saw the Starlet switch to front wheel drive from being a rear wheel drive small hatch (quite a rarity even in 1984). Three-door and five-door hatchbacks were offered as well as a three-door van for commercial use in many markets. The Starlets used one of the first multi-valve engines Toyota had in 12 valve form. 1E and 2E engines which were 1.0 and 1.3liters respectively.. The extensive Japanese line up consisted of Standard, DX, Soleil, XL, XL Lisse, SE, Si, Si Limited, Ri, Turbo R, and Turbo S, although the one-litre version was available for export only. 

The engine fitted in turbo models was the 2E-TELU, and was installed with Toyota's active suspension technology called TEMS (which could automatically stiffen and soften dampers - quite a high level of tech for a car so small, affordable and in the 1980s. The Ri and Turbo R are the light weight models designed for motorsports.

In Malaysia, we got the standard 1.3liter normally aspirated cars in 4 door form. What happened in the late 1980s and early 1990s was that half cut Starlet turbos started landing on our shores as well as whole unregistered 5 year old Japanese imports. This led to the Starlet 1.3 turbo being one of those cars that many who liked playing with cars wanted to have. It was quite fast actually. The 2E 1.3 turbo engine had between 101hp and 110hp in stock form and usually with a flick of a boost controller (whether mechanical or electronic) another 20hp or so was found. Torque was around 149nm. Since the car weighed next to nothing, or around 800kg (lighter than a Perodua Myvi), it relatively flew. 

Power to weight ratio was at least 133bhp/ton. So you were looking at a 0-100kmh time in under 7 seconds easily. In the early 1990s, it was fast enough to put larger and heavier cars to shame. Top speed was a claimed 190kmh. I think with the 5 speed gearbox up to 210kmh is achievable with a bit more boost and some balls of steel as the car has nothing in terms of safety features of today. I somehow wonder how most of us survived driving these cars damn bloody fast back then. But those were the days.

So here we have a decent looking 1985 model for sale. I cannot tell whether this is an original turbo or one made from a whole bunch of part. Small matter as everything is a bolt on thing with the Starlet actually. It says the mileage is in the 180,000km range but I honestly doubt that a car this old only travelled that far. But I feel with cars like these one should buy based on the condition and not the mileage. It is a modern classic already in some ways. 

The original advert from is here as well as down below:

Seller Says

Cash and delivery

* Contact
* DNS Platinum Auto Mart
* Show contact number CALL & WhatsApp

* New painting crystal yellow
* engine in good running condition
* Turbo in good condition
* Big intercooler
* built in wasgate
* built in blow off
Engine Capacity
1300 cc
170 000 - 179 999
Mfg. Year
CD Player, Sport Rims


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