Friday, May 18, 2018

Zero GST - Revised Prices of New Volkswagen Cars in Malaysia After 1st June 2018

Official distributors of Volkswagen cars here, Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM), today announced the updated prices of its model range, effective 1st of June 2018 in lieu of the Zero percentage rated GST which would take effect 1st of June 2018. The new prices will remain in effect until the reintroduction of the Sales and Services Tax (SST) as it was announced by the Government. 

The chart below shows us the current recommended retail price (RRP) of Volkswagen models (with 6% GST) and the new RRP (with 0% GST) valid from the 1st of June 2018.

ModelVariantCurrent Price with 6% GSTNew Price Without GST
PoloRM 76,888RM 72,488
VentoComfortlineRM 86,888RM 81,888
HighlineRM 93,888RM 88,488
JettaHighlineRM 128,990RM 121,488
PassatComfortineRM 179,990RM 169,488
Comfortline PlusRM 184,980RM 174,478
HighlineRM 198,990RM 187,488
TiguanComfortlineRM 148,990RM 139,888
HighlineRM 168,990RM 158,888
BeetleSportRM 147,888RM 139,488
GolfSportlineRM 155,990RM 146,888
R-LineRM 166,990RM 157,488
GTIRM 239,990RM 225,888
RRM 295,990RM 278,888

VPCM also stated that since the Hari Raya festivities are just around the corner, customers should take this opportunity to place their bookings now (it seems VPCM allows you to book first an order for a registration after 1st June) with this tax reduction in mind as they will enjoy prices without GST as well as the current ongoing Raya promotions. 

The Managing Director of VPCM, Erik Winter said that the Malaysian public is in a position to benefit from the current situation as this could be the only time one will get to buy a car without any sales tax whatsoever. Imagine that. 

“This period in time is a windfall for Malaysians, and so I would like to urge those considering our products to grab this opportunity as there is no better time to own a Volkswagen. Customer peace of mind is always a priority for us, and we want to be able to provide this during the transition period until the implementation of the SST. We want our customers to benefit from the revised prices, and enjoy our ongoing promotions."

The current 'Fuel Up Your Gaya' Promotion
VPCM is currently running its ‘Fuel Up Your Gaya’ promotion in conjunction with the upcoming Hari Raya. Customers can enjoy low interest rates of 0.88% per annum and cash rebates of up to RM15,000 on selected Volkswagen models. Additionally, those who purchase a Volkswagen (till 30th June 2018) will also receive a petrol card worth RM1,188.

The savings that you get from the Zero rated GST is quite substantial. Now add the Hari Raya promo amounts and you actually get a huge discount if you buy a Volkswagen. You can use the savings to actually save up for your next car or save up for maintenance after the warranty period or do other interesting things indeed.

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