Friday, May 25, 2018

Spotted For Sale: 2014 Proton Perdana - The First of the Used Honda Perdana Are Now On Sale

This is a great find, folks! The first of the Honda derived Proton Perdana is now on sale. 

This 2014 Proton Perdana 2.4 could be the first used one on sale. It could be a very good used buy because the Government of Malaysia still uses it widely. Buy this 2.4liter version and people would think that you are a high ranking government officer. Especially with the black colour here. 

This is the first Honda-Proton joint venture Perdana and it was only used by the government of Malaysia, government linked companies and by Proton / DRB-Hicom itself. This is the one before the nicer looking Proton re-skin model. But it is a previous generation Accord underneath and still a decent car for the money.

I asked a friend who drives one. He said it is quite strange that the car is up for sale actually. Usually the government uses a car for a period of at least five years. This is one year short on its tour of duty. So this car could actually come from a government linked company or from PROTON's holding company, DRB-Hicom itself. Many of the senior management uses or used this first Honda-Perdana variant. But it most likely isn't the one the government leases from Spanco, that company which makes money by doing just that...leasing Protons to the government.

Anyway, not many details were divulged in the advertisement. You can click here while it lasts but the only other interesting bit was that the mileage for the car was only about 70,000km. It could, or could not be true. But the car looks pretty good. 

This Perdana was merely a rebadge. It is totally a Honda Accord with Proton badges on it and a slightly different front bumper. Very slightly only.

But again, you could be passing road blocks easily with this car. You could park in spots which are hard to park if you are visiting Putrajaya. This could be a good car for those businessmen who have lots of meetings in Putrajaya. For RM70,000 this could be great value for money because of this extra perk. 

I have tried out the 2.0Liter variant of this model and you can read about it here. It is 100% Honda actually and quite a good deal too.

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