Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Contest - 'Tap & Go' With Mastercard Contactless at Caltex 2018 - Enter to Win the Grand Prize of a Mercedes-Benz GLC 200 SUV

Another new contest by Chevron Malaysia, folks! Chevron, who operate using the Caltex brand here in Malaysia together with partners Mastercard will be running the "Tap & Go" with Mastercard Contactless at Caltex campaign from May 1 to August 31 2018. Mastercard cardholders would need to purchase any Caltex products (Premium95, Premium97, Diesel, and Power Diesel Euro5) or even Mart convenience store items through a Mastercard contactless transaction to be in the running to win the grand prize of a Mercedes-Benz GLC 200 Exclusive Line. 

Aside from the main prize, the contest will also include a giveaway of 131 premium prizes (nice number of prizes), consisting of 30 units of Honda BeAT and 100 units of Mastercard cards with a value of RM 1,000 prepaid in them. This is quite a carrot, folks. All you need to do is use Mastercard with the 'tap & go' facility and you can win big time. No minimum spend criteria according to the organisers too!

This is how both parties are pushing the convenience of cashless transactions here in the country. According to the organisers, this type of system is convenience, speedy and also adds rewards. 

“In today’s dynamic marketplace, it is critical that merchants place emphasis on providing more options to meet cardholders’ growing needs for convenience, speed, and rewarding experiences. Mastercard’s partnerships with Chevron and Caltex ® underscore its commitment to collaborate with merchant partners to promote greater adoption of contactless payments and elevate the overall cardholder payment experience,” said Perry Ong, Country Manager, Malaysia and Brunei, Mastercard (pictured above).

Shahid Ahmed, Country Chairman, Chevron Malaysia Limited (pictured below) said, “Being a key fuel provider with full-fledged contactless-ready payment systems in place nationwide, indoor and even at our outdoor payment terminals, we are certain our customers will experience a much more gratifying journey, all thanks to the quicker service across all our service stations.”

“We’re also trying our very best to work in line with Bank Negara Malaysia’s vision to produce a cashless society in Malaysia. With Mastercard’s support, our commitment to being at the forefront of the evolving payment technology remains a priority and we constantly put effort and attention to every little detail to deliver top-of- the-line products in addition to value-added benefits to meet our customers growing demand,” added Shahid.

Personally, we like the big Mercedes-Benz carrot dangled. This is hot on the heels of Caltex's last campaign where a lucky chap actually drove home with a Mercedes-Benz C-class. So who knows you may be as lucky as that chap.

Head over to www.caltex.com.my or https://www.facebook.com/Caltex.Malaysia/ for more details.

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