Sunday, December 11, 2016

UPDATE: It's December and I am taking things easy...

Yup. It's December folks and this is the reason you only see bits of news pieces here and nothing much about me driving this or bitching about that or writing some stuff about a car I like or don't like. I am taking things easy this month as it's the holiday season here. There is also a family vacation coming up and I would also like to remind you readers out there that I do have a life aside from motoring, automobiles and driving.

I have a very holistic view about life. Everything should be quite balanced. I would like a nice car but I also would like a nice house. I am not one of those people that would rather live in a squalid hut but drive a 500hp car. I would like a house with luxuries, wear nice clothes and drive a nice car or three. I mean, look at my hero, James Bond. He may be fictional but he does dress well, enjoy the finer things in life and drive nice cars. This is my personal aim in life too.

And so, work-life balance is important. I also think that my life now is more life and less work. Which is a good thing. Whilst work gives you sustenance to go buy stuff, it also gives you a heck of a lot of stress. And thus, a balance should be what you need. 

It's like buying a car that does everything slightly above average but not one thing truly outshines the other. I prefer a car that is balanced in all aspects - roadholding, comfort, performance and luxury. I can live with a car that performs 7/10ths in all aspects rather than have one like say, the Lotus Exige. A car which I can actually rip my pants if I wrongly enter the car. It may handle sublimely, but since I cannot get my big behind into one without twisting something, it isn't a car for me. Whilst I love driving fast cars, I also like something that won't kill me or my pants even before I start driving it. 

And this is also why the only current Lotus I actually want is the comfortable and still very nice Lotus Evora. It will allow me to enter it without drama or pain. It will still do a lap around Sepang fast enough the thrill the heck out of me. And it has creature comforts as well as a ride that isn't rock hard. 

Anyway, this is just me rambling off some stuff and telling you folks out there that it's the end of the year. It is time to chill and relax with family and friends. This is what I am doing actually and regular 'programming' should start sometime after Christmas or so. 

Happy holidays people. And thank you so much for coming in here regularly. You know who you are.

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