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The 3rd  HINO Total Support Challenge Contest was held over last weekend and it basically is a platform for HINO dealers to improve their HINO experience with their customers in the areas of Sales, Service and Spare Parts.  

This challenge follows the success of previous contest, where Hino Motors Sales (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd (HMSM) decided to continue organizing the contest in order to continuously gauge their dealership (and dealer's) competency, knowledge and skills in areas mentioned above. The Hino Total Support Contest is also a platform for HINO to give due recognition to their dealer’s hard work. A chance to have fun and win something whilst brushing up their skills at the same time.

The winners of the Contest are:
2nd Runner Up   : TTJ Agency Sdn Bhd
1st Runner Up    : FF Automobile Sdn Bhd
Champion           : Lu & Sons Engineering Sdn Bhd

Lu & Sons Engineering Sdn Bhd (above) have held on to the title again. They were last year's winners too. 

I think the commercial vehicle brand HINO is going places. Quite like some of the European commercial vehicle counterparts, the company has decided to invest in training of skills in sales and after sales. As well as also rewarding by organising skills based competition. 

Hino Total Support boosts HINO’s competitiveness in commercial vehicle industry.


► Serves as a platform for HINO dealers to develop their know-how.

► HINO aims to maximize touch points with customers.

3 rd December 2016, Selangor: Hino Motors Sales (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (HMSM) today announced the

launch of the 3 rd Hino Total Support (TS) Contest 2016 in its head office in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Geared towards fostering greater knowledge and skills, Hino TS Contest this year aims to maximizing touch

points with their customers.

Following the success of previous contest, HMSM decided to continue organizing the contest in order to

continuously gauge participant’s competency, knowledge and skills in areas of HINO Sales, Service and

Spare Parts. Hino TS Contest is also a platform for HINO to give due recognition to their dealer’s hard work

in conducting customer-related programs to boost their customer’s needs. Hence, this will bring us to the

solution on how to improve Hino’s customer service as to help expanding customer’s business growth.

Throughout these activities, Hino can provide more professional customer service personnel, nationwide.

“Looking at Hino Total Support activities previously, I’m glad that we have established nationwide dealer’s

networking to run with us in the business. At the same time, Hino have been focusing and dedicating

dealers to provide Total Support activities that cover not only in the aspect of Sales and After Sales, but

also in other related aspect which is common in the automotive trade,” says Mr. Ken Iwamoto, Managing

Director of HMSM.

Contestants were separated according to Hino Sales, Service and Spare Parts area of knowledge and will

be divided into theoretical and practical test.


Participants are required to have a comprehensive understanding of various product line-ups, not only

limited to the vehicle sales but also inclusive of all products, parts and after sales activities that align with

the concept of Total Support. Skills assessment and role play of a proper sales process flow and techniques

including detail explanation of Hino Life-Time Cost Value, Free Service Program (FSP), Pre-delivery

Inspection, correct model specification and usage and Total Life-Time Cost.


Service plays an important role in portraying the image and service quality of HINO After-Sales. Being in the

front line, Hino Service will determine customer’s satisfaction on the service and repair jobs. Most

importantly, they are able to assist customers in attending their vehicles’ services and fulfil customers’

needs. Under Service Technician, contestant will be test in area of Product Knowledge, Electrical

Troubleshooting, and Vehicle Inspection. As for Service Advisor, they will be tested on Hino Customer

Service Advisor (CSA), Component Function and its Warranty, Electronic Parts Catalogue and Parts’ Price

and Trouble Shooting Explanation.

Spare Parts

HINO Parts personnel’s credibility is evaluated through their ability to provide solution and giving advice to

the customers especially on parts’ related matters. They are divided into two categories. HINO Parts

Seniors and Parts Advisor are examined with Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC), Warehouse Safety SOP

(Standard Operating Procedure), 7 Storage Techniques. This year sees improvement for this category with

new subjects, Recognizing HINO Parts’ Number, and Optimization Dealer Inventory. Knowledge on parts

management is essential in order to make them understand the total flow of parts delivery system.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Yasuda said, “Today, we believe that all of you will be sharing us the best TS

practices which is developed by your daily efforts in sales, service and spare parts. In that sense, today’s

contest will definitely be important session to raise the level of Hino Total Support in Malaysia.”

This year, Hino TS Contest sees more than hundreds of Hino dealers’ participation, nationwide. In order to

be qualified to enter the contest, participant has been required to attend Hino Total Support’s prior

briefing and training. The purpose of the training is to prepare participants to be more competent before

the actual contest. Henceforth, Hino will be able to develop more professional dealer personnel to serve

better service for the benefit of the customers.

The contest was officiated by Mr. Toshiaki Yasuda, Managing Officer of Hino Motors Ltd., Japan

together with Mr. Ken Iwamoto, Managing Director of HMSM. Also present at the event are special guests

from Hino Motors, Ltd., Japan; Mr. Toshiya Shiozawa, General Manager of Overseas Service Division; Mr.

Yasunori Yoshimura from Domestic Training Group and Mr. Jun Sekiya from Overseas Parts Division.

HINO has built a solid reputation through the outstanding QDR, which means, Quality, Durability and


HINO’s mission is not only to develop a product which is perfect fit for each customer’s business

but also to ‘Maximise vehicle Up-Time’ and ‘Minimise vehicle Life-Time Cost’. With HINO Total Support

Customer Center in Sendayan, HINO are striving to deliver the best support to our customer with necessary

trainings and also safety driving techniques.

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