Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Motoring-Malaysia's Video Blog Post No#2 is Up - We talk a lot of cock (Tok Kok) for a few minutes.

Usually I get behind the camera not in front of it. This is the first of many (hopefully) as we move forward into video publishing also. It's the next step in our journey into the automotive world. Something like Alice through the looking glass cause this chubby boy's not gonna fit in a rabbit hole in the first place! 

Here, I just talk and talk for a bit. Not that much, just under 6 minutes actually. I talk abit about Mercedes-Benz ownership, some of their coupes and the Toyota Vios as well as some other bits here and there. You won't die watching me look as stiff as a corpse! Have a view folks! Have a view or two. 

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