Friday, July 07, 2017

Off Topic: Thank you to all you Readers out there...

Just thought I'd thank all you readers and visitors out there. Being somewhere on the first page of a google search is quite nice. Especially when there are 6 million other results. Type "motoring auto website malaysia" and I got this screen print above. I did the search on a few devices and from a few difference accounts too.

(credits: fat boy slim album cover) - Although I am chubby...but I am not this cool lah.

I have web presence. Yay! Of course, I am not going to be smug about this. Having such a high ranking on Google's search engine for one phrase is actually nothing to shout about. But it's been a hell of an adventure for me and a few friends who have assisted me covering the automotive industry independently. When I say independently I mean I still cover it based on my own personal point of view. 

I suppose this is because I can actually afford it. 

Unless someone buys me a Ferrari Daytona or two - one hardtop and one even rarer Spyder version...then even a boneshaker may be considered as driveable. 

Till then I hope you folks would stick with me on this automotive journey of mine.


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    1. You're a bit vague you know. Join in what way? I suppose you can just subscribe my blog to see where this journey is heading for the time being I suppose.


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