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MERCEDES-BENZ E-CLASS COUPE (C238) LAUNCHED IN MALAYSIA - E200 Coupe AMG Line & E300 Coupe together with the limited run E300 Coupe Edition 1 on sale today

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia launched the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe today. The coupe, which goes by the internal codename C238 is the latest in a long line of Mercedes-Benz mid-sized coupes which features sleek lines and that iconic frameless B-pillar design which allows an unbroken line from the frontal A-pillars to the rear C-pillars. The car it one which is full of heritage and one many Mercedes-Benz enthusiast covet. Two variants are brought into Malaysia - the E200 Coupe AMG Line and the E300 Coupe AMG Line.

This new car sits in a series of cars that Mercedes-Benz Malaysia calls its Mercedes-Benz Dream Car Collection. It is considered to be the ultimate status symbol and also an item for those that appreciate premium or luxury products. True to its name, it features more personalised styling cues over the E-Class sedan like the turbine look air-vents inside, a premium Burmester audio system and that very impressionable double screened High Definition Widescreen Cockpit Information and meter cluster system. 

The AMG Line specification gets AMG bodystyling with the diamond radiator grille with chrome pins to the large AMG light-alloy wheels. Additional individualisation for the E 300 Coupé comes courtesy of the Night Package with a host of design details in high-gloss black. The limited to only 555 units worldwide Edition 1 E300 Coupe gets the AMG Line and the Night package with 50.8 cm (20-inch) AMG light-alloy wheels in exclusive designo cashmere white magno paint (the white car you see in the pics herein). 

I have to add that it actually looks better in the metal. In photographs, it just looks quite similar to the smaller C-Class coupe. It does not actually. Whilst there are similar touches, it seems to have a more wider stance and has a wider squat. According to Mercedes-Benz, it drives differently from the C-Class coupe, offering more refinement and more comfort inside. I suppose this should be the case as it is an E-Class.

There are two variants of the C238 E-Class coupe available locally. The E200 Coupe AMG Line and the E300 Coupe plus a limited edition E300 Coupe Edition 1 of which there will only be a total of 555 offered for sale globally. One can place an order for one of these and be the owner of a slightly more special E-Class coupe but one has to do so quickly obviously due to its limited availability.

Both are equipped with the M270 2.0liter turbocharged engine in different state of tunes and are coupled to the Mercedes-Benz 9G-Tronic transmission. The E 200 Coupé AMG Line, has to make do with 184 hp and 300 Nm of torque. It is capable of accelerating from 0-100km/h in 7.8 seconds, while the E 300 Coupé which its higher state of tune has 245 hp, 370Nm, capable of accelerating from 0-100km/h in 6.4 seconds.

The E 200 Coupe AMG Line goes on sale at RM435,888 while the E 300 Coupe AMG Line goes for RM499,888 and RM534,888 for the Edition 1. All prices stated here are OTR inclusive of GST but without insurance.

More details are down below in the press release. (after the photos)
E200 Coupe AMG Line

 ABOVE - E300 Coupe in white and E200 Coupe in Grey

E300 Coupe AMG Line

Press Release

The new E-Class Coupé

A new Masterpiece of Intelligence. A new dream car.
 Mark Raine, Vice President, Sales & Marketing Passenger Cars, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia with the new E-Class Coupé at the launch today.

·        The new E-Class Coupé, the latest addition to the illustrious Mercedes-Benz Dream Car Collection, is the ultimate status symbol and lifestyle item for the connoisseurs of luxury products.
·        The design icon, with its sleek and athletic appearance and its masculine appeal complements the exclusive selection of Mercedes-Benz Dream Cars and represents the pinnacle of automotive excellence.
·        Unrivalled in its segment, its interior boasts a high degree of personalization and high value perception with design highlights such as the new and exclusive air-vents with turbine look and best-in-class features such as Burmester surround sound system, and Widescreen Cockpit.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia today proudly presents its new masterpiece, the all-new E-Class Coupé, joining its Dream Car Collection – a collection of the most exclusive and exciting cars available in the market today. With its clear and aesthetic lines, the E-Class Coupé combines contemporary luxury, agile sportiness and technology at the highest level, further setting benchmarks in the premium segment of the automotive industry.
“The sleek and athletic design coupled with its masculine appeal and its refined luxury perfectly position this vehicle as the ultimate status symbol. It is, truly a masterpiece and a proud member of the Mercedes-Benz Dream Car Collection,” says Mark Raine, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia.
Based on the executive limousine, the sporty luxury Coupé marks a next step in the evolution of the Mercedes-Benz design idiom. With its perfect proportions, the new Coupé exhibits a surface-accentuated design with reduced lines and sensuous forms, emphasising on the Coupé's sporty and luxurious personality.
The coupé proportions typical of Mercedes-Benz are characterised by a distinctive front end with low-positioned sports grille and central star, a long bonnet with power domes, a rearward-shifted, squat greenhouse and a muscular rear end. The dynamic looks are underlined by four frameless, fully retractable side windows and the absence of a visible B-pillar. With these clear forms, the design of the Coupé conveys an air of luxury and style alike.
Equally typical of a Mercedes coupé are the two-part, extremely flat LED tail lamps, which in combination with MULTIBEAM LED headlamps celebrate the world premiere of a welcoming function. When the vehicle is opened, the tail light LEDs illuminate successively from the centre of the vehicle outwards. On locking the vehicle, the light sequence runs in the opposite direction. Both are additionally combined with an up and down dimming feature. This taillight show welcomes and says goodbye to the vehicle user similarly to the familiar welcome feature of the blue optical-fibre show in the front headlamp. Thanks to innovative crystal optics, the tail lamps also have a brilliant appearance reminiscent of the glow of a jet engine.
Sporty, luxurious interior with refined details
The interior of the new E-Class Coupé embodies the synthesis of sporty emotion and luxurious intelligence.
The two brilliant, 12.3-inch (31.2 cm) displays with a high resolution of 1920 x 720 pixels – unique in this segment - are merged under a single lens to produce a Widescreen Cockpit that appears to float in space. As the key design element it emphasises the width, as does the fascia-spanning trim, which terminates with a dynamic sweep in the door panel. The instrument cluster in the driver's direct line of vision shows virtual instruments which can be represented in three different styles: "Classic", "Sport" and "Progressive".
Touch control buttons in the steering wheel enable the driver to control the instrument cluster and multimedia system using finger swipes without having to take a hand off the steering wheel. Additional controls come in the form of a touchpad with controller in the centre console, which can also recognise handwriting, plus the LINGUATRONIC voice control system. There are also direct-access buttons for controlling the air conditioning, for example, and for convenient activation and deactivation of certain driver assistance systems.
The avant-garde yet highly luxurious seats in the Coupé take their cue from the sedan. The sporty individual-seat characteristics find their distinctive impression in all four seats.
In conjunction with AMG Line it is also possible to choose very sporty, highly contrasting leather interiors in black/classic red or black/deep white, all with horizontal seams. The wide range of exterior paint finishes is harmoniously attuned to the modern interior colour schemes
The interior lighting makes exclusive use of durable, energy-saving LED technology. The same applies to the enhanced ambient lighting with 64 colours.
The AMG Line exterior gives the exterior an added sense of sportiness with its perfectly matched equipment features – from the dynamic AMG bodystyling to the diamond radiator grille with chrome pins to the large AMG light-alloy wheels. Additional individualisation for the E 300 Coupé comes courtesy of the Night Package with a host of design details in high-gloss black. 
Larger and more luxurious
With a length of 4826 mm (+123 mm), a width of 1860 mm (+74 mm) and a height of 1430 mm (+33 mm), the new E-Class Coupé clearly outstrips its predecessor in terms of length, width and height. The principal beneficiary of the wider track, with 1605 mm at the front (+67 mm) and 1609 mm at the rear (+68 mm), is the driving dynamics.
The significantly larger footprint compared with the previous model is to the benefit of passengers with extra spaciousness and comfort. They profit especially in terms of rear knee room, front and rear shoulder room as well as rear headroom. In each of the four fully fledged seats with coupé-specific individual seat character, the driver and passengers enjoy genuine comfort on long journeys.
Suspension – sporty comfort
The suspension on the new E-Class Coupé offers agile driving pleasure on winding roads together with exceptional ride comfort. The Coupé comes as standard with AGILITY CONTROL suspension with passive, selective damping. In the interests of a sporty look, the suspension is 15 millimetres lower than on the Saloon and is tuned for comfort with an amplitude-dependent damping system.
DYNAMIC SELECT – choose your own driving characteristics
The DYNAMIC SELECT system enables the driver to influence other vehicle settings – such as the throttle response, ECO start/stop function, shift points of the automatic transmission and more. Depending on the equipment level, DYNAMIC SELECT provides the following transmission modes: Comfort, ECO, Sport, Sport + and Individual. "Individual" allows drivers to configure their own preferred vehicle settings.
Full smartphone integration
A new era of connectivity and digitalisation is marked by the infotainment system in the E-Class Coupé with COMAND Online. This includes effortless integration of the smartphone into the vehicle's infotainment system by means of capacitive aerial coupling and wireless charging. This means that compatible mobile phones can be charged wirelessly and also connected to the vehicle's exterior aerial. This dispenses with the need to find a plug and connect a cable. There is an added advantage: using Near Field Communication, the customer's smartphone becomes the digital vehicle key with which the car can be locked and unlocked as well as started.
If the vehicle is equipped with COMAND Online, it is possible to use Apple's smartphone-based infotainment system CarPlay® as well as Google's Android Auto™. (Android Auto™ mobile app availability is subject to local market conditions)
E-Class innovations on board
As a member of the current E-Class family, the new Coupé is significantly more intelligent than its predecessor. It comes with all the features of the E-Class, the most intelligent executive saloon. Active Brake Assist comes as standard. It is able to warn the driver of an imminent collision, provide optimum support with emergency braking and, if necessary, also autonomously apply the brakes. In addition to slower-moving, stopping or stationary vehicles, it can also detect pedestrians crossing in the danger zone ahead of the vehicle.
Other intelligent systems are also available for the E-Class Coupé, including high-resolution MULTIBEAM LED headlamps. These headlamps, each with 84 individually activated high-performance LEDs, automatically illuminate the road surface with a hitherto unsurpassed, precision-controlled distribution of exceptionally bright light – without dazzling other road users.
Two variants are available at launch, the E 200 Coupé AMG Line, with 184 hp and 300 Nm of torque, capable of accelerating from 0-100km/h in 7.8 seconds, while the E 300 Coupé, with 245 hp, 370Nm, capable of accelerating from 0-100km/h in 6.4 seconds.
For even more exclusivity, The E 300 Coupé is available with Edition 1, limited to only 555 units worldwide. It combines the AMG Line and the Night package with 50.8 cm (20-inch) AMG light-alloy wheels in exclusive designo cashmere white magno paint. All the models available at market launch are equipped as standard with the 9G‑TRONIC nine-speed automatic transmission, which allows fast gearshifts along with lower engine speeds.
Agility Financing guarantees the future value of the E-Class Coupé.
Agility Financing is available for the newest addition to the Mercedes-Benz Dream Car collection. Customers can finance their new E 200 Coupé at RM 4,358*, E 300 Coupé at RM4,998* and E 300 Coupé  Edition1 at RM5,348* per month with a three year Agility Financing tenure. The innovative hire purchase based instalment plan by Mercedes-Benz Financial guarantees the future value of the E-Class Coupé.
Customers under Agility Financing will enjoy lower monthly instalment compared to traditional financing and have full control over the decision to settle the financing, extend an agreement or simply return the vehicle to Mercedes-Benz at the end of the agreement.
*Terms and conditions apply.

The new E-Class Coupé at a glance:
E 200 Coupé
E 300 Coupé
Number of cylinders/arrangement
Displacement (cc)
Rated output (kW/hp)
Rated torque (Nm)
l/100 km *
CO2 g/km*
0-100 km/h (s)
Max. km/h
Price (OTR w/o Insurance)
*Price is inclusive of GST.
RM 435,888
RM 499,888
RM 534,888 (Edition 1)

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