Wednesday, July 26, 2017

G Guard Malaysia Launches G Guard and XPel On Demand Service Booking App for Smartphones - Now you can book your auto detailing services with ease

Sometime last week I attended an event hosted by G Guard Malaysia. G Guard Hi-Tech Auto Detailing Centre is a auto detailing brand from Japan. From what I heard, G Guard was first established over in Japan sometime in 1994 and today there are more than 40 outlets throughout Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Bangkok, Singapore, Korea and China. Here in Malaysia the brand has a complete range of coating products, protective tints & film under the XPel brand aside from the usual polishing and waxing car detailing. But now they've decided to go a little more tech savvy with the G Guard App.

The G Guard App allows you to book any of the services provided at any G Guard service center and dealer in Malaysia of your choice, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Through the App, one can confirm available dates, times and select your required type of service and transport options all directly from your smartphone. There is no need to drive to any G Guard centre directly and find out that the time slot you are after is already booked by someone else.

According to Mr. Andy Koh, who had founded G Guard Malaysia, the App, available in both Android and Apple iPhone allows for easy registration using one's phone number. It makes checking the product and/or service prices in just a few taps of your phone as well learn about the latest promotions and rewards (currently you get some reward if you refer your friend to G Guard). For those that have applied the protective coating from G Guard on their cars, they can even get reminders on when their cars are due for a refresher coat. All from the convenience of a smartphone.

When asked on why G Guard has decided to take the next step in customer services by offering this new App, Andy (pictured above) said that G Guard Malaysia has basically decided to try take customer interaction to the next level. With almost all retailers offering on-line sales or apps that allow direct access for customers to the end product, G Guard has decided to do the same. In fact, G Guard had decided to take their sales and marketing direct rather than use the regular channels. 

The regular channels or method of receiving customers usually happen when car dealers approach them to apply such services to their customer cars. Usually this happens right after buying the car. The car dealers usually apply a mark-up on the price for their commission when they refer anyone for such work. So now, one can actually go direct to a specialist in the field. Prices are also quite reasonable for the work done and there is also a guarantee of quality too. But the main thing is that one can actually approach G Guard directly with such an App.

G Guard is also active on social media. They have learned the importance of social media as a marketing tool and the App is also an extension of this. I believe that this App for the booking of auto detailing services is the first in the country. I have previously heard automotive related companies coming out with apps for oil change services straight to your home or even large brands allowing one to book vehicle servicing from their phone. So this is, or could be the very first, in terms of auto detailing. 

Of course, G Guard Malaysia has been around for a long time already. G Guard Malaysia was first established in the mid-2000s and they had their first outlet of G Guard Malaysia is located at Tropicana City Mall (which is still operating there) and HQ is located at Glenmarie Shah Alam. Their other locations are in Bangi, Sri Kembangan, Johor Bahru (Johor), Bukit Mertajam and Jelutong (both in Penang). 

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