Wednesday, July 12, 2017


How long do tyres stay fresh before they're used or after they're used? 

Well, Michelin Malaysia has just launched its ‘Tyres Are Not Bananas” educational campaign to focus emphasis on tyre quality and care instead of the preoccupation with the date of manufacture of a tyre. According to Michelin, numerous research had shown that performance was not solely based on the age of a tyre.

The usual public perception in Malaysia is that we need to buy the newest tyre out there, preferably if it's 2017, the tyre must be less than a year old. This is actually not a necessary practice.

Using bananas and its limited shelf life and freshness as an example, Michelin aims to educate motorists that the countdown on the life of the tyre began with the date of fitment and dedication to regular tyre care rather than an overemphasis on the date of manufacture.

Contrary to perception regarding expiry dates of other products (especially bananas), the ageing process of a tyre does not commence from the date of manufacture but rather from the time when it was first inflated and installed on a vehicle as tyres undergo the most stress when in use rather than in storage.

Michelin Malaysia Sdn Bhd managing director, Pascal Nouvellon said the research conducted in South Korea, Germany and Saudi Arabia showed no difference in performance between newly manufactured tyres and those that have been unused for three years.

“A study conducted in Saudi Arabia revealed that a tyre used on a vehicle over two years showed the equivalent ageing to a tyre in storage for 10 years. Additionally, the characteristics of tyres stored for 20 years at 40 degree celsius was similar to tyres run for 40,000km. The study concluded that tyres degrade 20 times more rapidly when used than when stored, even under extreme conditions,” Nouvellon added.

Another test on tyre wear conducted by the Korean department of Customer Protection revealed that tyre wear was identical on both new and unused three-year old tyres in high speed and stepped speed tests.
Tests conducted by ADAC, the German motorists organisation revealed that rolling resistance on newly manufacture tyres and unused tyres manufactured three years before were identical

In short, Michelin is telling us that tyres do not degrade in storage. 

The Tyres Are Not Bananas promotional campaign from July 12 – August 4, 2017 will entail two teams of promoters visiting high traffic areas in the Klang Valley to create awareness among motorists and inviting them to join in a photo competition.

Participants will be presented with bananas, a contest card and Michelin premiums. The competition, run on Facebook, will entail a five-step process and require participants to post their most creative photograph of them posing with bananas, Michelin’s Bibendum or with the photo signage available from the promoters. The 100 most creative photos will receive prizes ranging from movie tickets, Michelin travel bags, and petrol cards while three Grand Prize winners will each take home a set of Michelin tyres. More information can be found at or

“We advocate attention on overall tyre care which includes maintenance of correct tyre pressure, proper alignment, inspection for damages and thread depth measurement. Tyres undergo lots of different stresses during their lifetime on a vehicle and poor road conditions, extreme heat and poor maintenance impact on tyre life and performance.

“All Michelin tyres come with a six-year warranty and we recommend that tyres older than 10 years from the date of manufacture be removed from service,” Nouvellon added.

On a personal note, I have had tyres on my Proton Wira 1.6 which lasted about ten years without cracking. The car used to belong to my dad who used it sparingly. I inherited it, and since I have other cars, it is used only once or twice a week over short distances . The only reason I changed them was I actually thought ten years was actually too long a time for tyres to be on a car. I suppose my decision was sound based on what Michelin suggests. But I have also heard of classic cars running tyres longer than that because it sits in a collection and gets used very rarely - the Chairman of the company I used to work for used to do this without any detriment. 

One other better reason on why you ought to buy better tyres is the fact that if the tyre is, for example older than 7 years old is that tyre technology could have moved on a little further than what it was. I notice new models for tyres usually appear after a period of five to six years. The improvements in tyre compound, grip and rolling resistance would be usually better than an older tyre. 

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