Monday, March 20, 2017

Our Cars/ Long Term Test: Continental MC5 on the C180 after 15,000km

This is a short piece since I am on vacation with the family. As you folks are aware, the Mercedes-Benz C180 W204 had been fitted with Continental MC5 aka MAX contact replacing the OE fitted Continental CSC5 tyres. Now since I have done around 15,000km on them it's time to review them.

They are slightly noisier than the more expensive CSC5 (a flagship tyre compared to the mid range MC5). The CSC5s are quieter and more consistent over changes of surfaces. But it isn't like it it were night and day. Just a few percent. Some wouldn't even notice if they were not paying attention. Maybe its because the W204 is pretty refined with good soundproofing. 

When it was new, or fresh out of the box till about 5,000km it has a distinctive pitter-patter sound or resonance between 120-160kmh (confirmed after this trip to Belum, Perak). There still is a little resonance  but it now seems to only be audible at around 120kmh to 130kmh. The initial very irritating pitter patter has lessened. Most likely the tyre needs running in before the rubber settles down. 

Grip levels are unnoticeable compared to the CSC5s. No change in the wet and dry. To me that is. The predictability on when it lets go is good as everything is progressive on this W204 C-class. Yes, I have experienced the tail of the C180 snapping around on full throttle U-turns and some wet car parks. The benefits, and perils of rear wheel drive.

Thread wear seems good with no premature wear. I just ensure the tyre pressures are within specs at most times. I have not done any alignment on the car to date also.

I am left with the assumption that the more expensive Conti CSC5 are just quieter in the long run but with similar levels of grip and predictability as the more affordable one reviewed here. The difference in road noise transmission is not by much on most surfaces except on higher than usual speeds (120kmh-160kmh). With the exception for the resonance as stated above that is. Liveable for me.

So I've basically spent less for my car's tyres. Still with the same company as the OE tyres and I feel satisfied with the amount of money I spent on it. 

The earlier, initial report is here

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