Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Grab (Car) and Tinder Partner to Give You a Chance to Meet Your Favourite Personalities

Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading technology company, is partnering with Tinder, the world's leading social app for meeting new people, to give you a special opportunity to meet your match! So it's a dating app coupled with a ride sharing app. What could possibly go wrong...

Anyway, you have to book a ride on 24 March via the Grab x Tinder “Meet your Match” icon within the Grab app, and you may be in for a pleasant surprise, as you may end up sharing a free ride with one of Tinder’s Top 10 Personalities, such as JinnyBoy, Jazel Lim, Dennis Yin and Sarah Lian.

All you need to do is to watch out for content between now and 24 March on Grab and Tinder’s social platforms to find out more about these personalities, because you might just be sharing a ride with them!

There's more to it, each personality will then be selecting a passenger he or she gets along with for Grab and Tinder to arrange a day out for them to do an activity together – from dining in the coolest cafĂ© in the city to bungee jumping off a cliff – it all depends on the interests of the personality and passenger. I'd opt for drinks. Lots of drinks may lead to something else. I mean, isn't that what Tinder is for?

“Meet your Match” will be rolled out in five markets – Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia – in three phases starting today. For more information, please visit

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