Monday, February 20, 2017


One of the cars which I actually like to see more on our roads is the Daihatsu Copen. A small Kei-car 660cc turbocharged roadster that could be mighty fun to own and drive. Of course, here in Malaysia, Daihatsu's presence here is curtailed in some ways by Malaysia's way of doing things - lotsa restrictions, high taxes, promoting a local car industry and overly cautious buyers who seem to care about resale value above anything else. 

Now because Daihatsu rebadges its cars as Perodua, and because they seem to just want to sell in numbers, a sweet little car like the Copen is not imported here. If it were, it could be fun. Or could it?

The reason I am questioning this fact is because at this moment our local grey market importers (AP holders) have brought in a few units. You can see in the advert here that it looks cute and sporty. Small it may be but it is a roadster. Roadsters are fun. Trust me. The only issue is the price - RM138,800 for a tiny little 660cc coupe/roadster would make most grown men cry. Again because it is a grey import, the car is already a few years old. This one is from 2014. If it were a toddler it can say 'mama' clearly and is in the midst of stopping the use of baby diapers already.

But then again coupes are exclusive little buggers. Like babies, they are expensive. I checked up the price of a Copen which is officially sold over in Indonesia and after conversion, it actually costs about RM142,000 (IDR427,000,000). The car is bloody expensive over in Indonesia! The price for exclusivity is steep in this region. A tiny tot like the Copen costs nearly as much as a D segment sedan. 

But it is super cute looking and I do wish Perodua could take another chance (like it did with the failed Perodua Nautica) and import this roadster to give Malaysians a chance to own an 'affordable' sports car. But please try selling it under RM100K if you do.

Original advert is here (while it lasts) and down below:

Seller Says

**New Coming Stock**
**There Is No Market In Malaysia At Present
**You Will Be The First One To Have**
Fast Call Our Sales Team & Booking Today!!
**Welcome to View & Test Drive**

Daihatsu Copen Robe S(A)Japan Spec New Facelift 2014

*2 Door Cabriolet Roadster
*Hard Top Cabriolet
*TurboCharge Engine
*6 Speed Gear Box
*660cc Turbo Engine
*64 House Power

~Original Year Made 2014
~Japan Spec
~Local AP
~Ready Stock

*New Facelift Japan Spec,
*Push Start Button,
*6 Speed Auto,
*660cc Turbo Engine,
*64 Hp,
*Hard top Cabriolet,
*Buckets Seats,
*HID Xenon Head Lamps,
*Sport Light,
*Original 16Inch Japan Rims,
*Very Low Millage,
*SRS Airbags,
*Vedi/Dr-S-ABS Systems,
*Twin Exhaust,
*Dvd Player With Reverse Camera,
*CD/MP3/WMA Player,
*Multi-Function Steering,
*Power Retractable Side Mirror,
*Front & Rear Parking Sense,
*Fuel Consumption Save,
*30L For Full Tank Only,
*Must Try,
*Clean Interior,
*Gred A Condition,

-Free Service Engine Oil & Gear Oil,
-Polishing & Wax,
-Tinted Vocher,
-In HouseWarranty Up to 1Year Provider,

Call Our Representative Sales Advisor Today!!!


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  1. Still expensive, and after a year on this same unit hasn't been sold


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