Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Alpine reveals first images of the new A110 before its official premiere at the Geneva Motor show.

Ahead of the Geneva Motor show, (Renault) Alpine has revealed the first images of the new two-seater sports car it will premiere at the Geneva Motor show.

They are naming it the A110, reflecting the timeless principles of compact size, light weight and agility that made the success of the “Berlinette” as well as taking after the original car from the 1960s. That car had a long life, 1961 to 1977. But considering it looked so bloody good, it is no surprise. 
The new one takes after the iconic, classic A110 and updates it to the present times. The A110 features a full aluminium platform and upper body for optimum weight saving and agility. Do note that no much has changed from the Concept car (seen below). The only visible changes are to be side mirrors (made larger, sans camera I presume) and the different alloy wheel pattern.

Whilst the new A110 takes a lot of styling cues fromt he original, it still looks modern and not just retro looking for the sake of being retro. 

Key specifications of the A110 will be announced during Alpine’s press conference at the Geneva Motor show:

When: March 7th, 1.15pm

Where: Geneva International Motor show, hall 4
Who: Michael Van der Sande, Managing Director Alpine
          David Twohig, Chief Engineer Alpine

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