Sunday, June 03, 2018

Trucks: UD Extra Mile Challenge is Back For 2018 - This Time The Malaysian Leg of This Global Event Is Open To All UD Quester Truck Drivers!

The UD Extra Mile Challenge (UDEMC) is back for the third time in Malaysia. This time, UD Trucks, are calling all UD Quester truck drivers who aspire to be recognized as the most-competent in Malaysia and also the world. Those that are UD Quester drivers can sign-up and try out for this career-enhancing competition. 

Jointly organized by Japanese truck brand, UD Trucks, and sole distributor partner in Malaysia, Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd (TCIE), the application to try out in the Malaysian leg of this global competition is now open to all UD Quester truck drivers in the country.

The UDEMC competition is quite a unique experience for Japanese truckers. It is currently only one of its kind among Japanese truck brands in this market and it is open to all UD Quester drivers in Peninsular Malaysia. Usually it is the European brands that have been pushing for truck driver's competition but with UD Trucks, they have started the ball rolling for Japanese truck brands. 

The UDEMC is an annual drivers’ competition held in stages – pre-selection, local finals and global finals. Right now, the initial recruitment drive is ongoing and will end on 15 June 2018. Interested drivers can  register for a spot in the the Malaysian leg of this competition. If the most skilled UD Quester trucker wins the Malaysian leg, he or she will win a trip to Japan for the global finals and challenge other Quester drivers from around the world. It would be quite an experience. 

To be eligible, participants must possess experience driving a UD Quester truck, have a valid truck driving license, currently employed and must be able to travel abroad upon winning the Malaysian championship.

Truck drivers form the backbone of the economy and are often hailed as the unsung heroes at the very heart of smart logistics. Designed to improve their driving competency and knowledge, the UDEMC will also educate drivers on how to maximize the innovative features and capabilities of a UD Quester heavy-duty truck.

The people at UD Trucks states that the competition is more than just about driving skills, as it provides a valuable platform of support to the drivers for better understanding about safe driving, fuel economy and how to maximize truck uptime and reduce unnecessary operational cost. For most that participate, what they learn from taking part in the competition is what they actually bring home with them - a wealth of skill and added experience.

So do take note UD Quester drivers, the closing date for registration is  15 June 2018 - slightly less that two weeks from today. Once registration closes, the competition will then proceed to pre-selection stage in July 2018 where UD Trucks and TCIE will begin its journey across multiple states in Peninsular Malaysia to select the best 10 for the Malaysia finals.

Contact the nearest TCIE dealership or call 03-61899832 to register.

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