Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Truck News: Volvo FuelWatch Challenge 2016 is about to begin!

Volvo Trucks' annual Fuelwatch Challenge is about to begin!

The Fuelwatch Challenge 2016 is a competition organized by Volvo Trucks annually for its customers (truck owners/operators) especially for their truck drivers. The competition is a platform to explore the drivers skill and impart information/knowledge to help achieve maximum truck performance with minimum fuel usage (very economical driving techniques). The competition also aims to foster safety awareness among the drivers both during his course of work and otherwise. This will help companies reduce wastage and to reduce truck operating costs wherever we can and also increase road safety awareness among those who use the highways and roads so much more than most of us.

Below are the dates for Fuelwatch Challenge 2016 Preliminary Rounds.
19 April 2016 Kuching 
21 April 2016 Bintulu
24 April 2016 Kota Kinabalu
26 April 2016 Port Klang 
3 May 2016 Ipoh
5 May 2016 Prai
10 May 2016 Kuantan
12 May 2016 Johor Bahru

For more information, call Volvo Trucks Malaysia Customer Service Centre at 012-3731030/ 019-2401030 and our Facebook page

You can also sign up via, head to the Volvo Trucks website or print out a copy of the form down below. Do read the flyer below (which is in Bahasa Malaysia) for more information.

Win a chance to travel to other countries and challenge other drivers from around the world!! Last year's Malaysian winner Mr Nor Rahmat did just that!!!

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