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Hino Motors Sales (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.  has now upgraded their HINO 300 Series light commercial truck following their recent upgrades towards their bus chassis line-up. The new 300 Series of trucks now offer more power and better safety features. 

The newly improved HINO 300 series focuses on safety and performance improvement features. Equipped with a common rail engine, the new HINO 300 Series sees an increase in power thus offering better carrying power.  This light truck now achieves Euro 3 emissions standards making it cleaner than before. The chassis features suspension upgrades with longer stabilizer bars and other upgrades for a more stable platform.

The new HINO 300 series is also in compliant with government directions for road safety, the latest United Nation Regulation (UNR) by the JPJ (Jabatan Pengakutan Jalan) Malaysia.

More details are below. But I would actually prefer you head over to HINO Malaysia's website for complete details of all the variants. There are 13 variants in total. The most powerful specced model runs the 4000cc 155ps 420Nm 4 cylinder engine. All of the variants run a 5 speed manual box here in Malaysia and come with a 36 month/100,000km warranty as well as a service package for the moment. 

New HINO 300 Series Brings In the Safety You Can Trust

New HINO 300 Series range improved with more power and enhanced safety features.
New HINO 300 Series Brings In the Safety You Can Trust
► Full-line up of HINO Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) offers more power and safety.
► New servicing program and extra benefits introduced in conjunction with the launch of the new model.
20th January 2017, Kuala Lumpur: Kicking off its 40th Anniversary this year, Hino Motors Sales (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (HMSM) introduces its best-selling range, the HINO 300 Series with its latest model being upgraded in terms of safety and performance features. This marks HINO’s continuous improvement (KAIZEN) effort since its first brand establishment in Malaysia in 1977.
As brand that offers the full-range of LCVs, HINO demonstrates an additional significant advancement in the operations of HINO in Malaysia through this KAIZEN practice. The launch of new range of HINO 300 Series also underscores HMSM’s commitment and deep interest to play a more active participation in the transportation industry.
Following government directions, the upgrades are to ensure that customer’s needs and complying with government regulations is ensured. The newly improved HINO 300 series exclusively focuses on safety and power improvement features. Equipped with a common rail engine, the new HINO 300 Series sees an increase in power thus offering the highest HP extra load handling. This gives highly efficient fuel injection due to extremely short spraying distances and multiple injection points. Using Euro 3 emission standard, it gives high engine power and smooth running with low consumption and emissions.
The new HINO 300 series is also in compliant with government directions for road safety, the latest United Nation Regulation (UNR) by the JPJ (Jabatan Pengakutan Jalan) Malaysia.
Speaking at the event, Managing Director of HMSM, Mr. Ken Iwamoto said,” PUTTING SAFETY FIRST is our priority in order to avoid any road traffic accidents that could harm other road users. Beyond the enormous harm road traffic crashes have caused, it could drive a family into poverty should they lose their family’s breadwinner. Moreover, it is worrying that the after-effect, such as long-term depression, could be triggered from the medical expenses the witnesses’ family have to bear.”
Hence, all the upgraded models are equipped with Antilock Braking System (ABS), which increases braking efficiency. The ABS helps drive maintain the control of the vehicle when braking on slippery surfaces. Besides that, the new HINO 300 Series is equipped with several special safety features such as wide view pillars (65 mm) for wide cab to ensure a nearly uninterrupted forward view, allowing the driver to easily spot pedestrians and cyclists. Naturally, this was done without posing a compromise in structural integrity.
Moreover, it comes with 3-Point Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) Seat Belt which is activated instantly when tension is applied upon collision to improve the belts restraining performance and energy absorbing steering to enhanced cabin's safety. Furthermore, these models are equipped with door beams whereby high-strength steel reinforcements are included in the doors to help prevent harm to occupants in the event of a side collision.
On top of it, the new models of HINO 300 Series come with an overhead console which allows easy access. To top it off, it has roof top markers which provide visual cues as to where the end points of the vehicle are. Moreover, on Wide Cab models, the manual transmission shift lever has been moved rearwards by 18 mm to free up more space for one's legs when moving across the cabin. The shift lever material has been changed from resin to aluminium for a smoother feel. Furthermore, the shift boot has been redesigned for a more attractive appearance. As for the standard cab models, the shift position remains unchanged but the instrument panel design has been modified to increase knee and foot clearance.
HINO 300 Series latest line-up offers the best solutions for small to medium sized businesses where each of the models caters to specific segments in the Malaysian market. Business owners or truck drivers also could achieve satisfaction from the vehicle performance and various promotional services that they will be entitled to with the purchase of the new lunched HINO 300 Series:
1) Free Parts Program (FPP)
In order to make even the after sales maintenance servicing more affordable, HINO have decided to offer FREE maintenance parts from the 1st service (5,000km) until the 10th service (95,000km). It covers the truck within the warranty period. There will be 4 items in combination: Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Pre Fuel Filter and Air Cleaner following HINO’s standard maintenance schedule which will be given to customers without any charge.
2) Care for Life
This is a limited time offer of an insurance protection scheme for the new HINO 300 Series truck drivers covering up to RM100,000 disability, RM100,000 of personal liability and other medical benefits.
3) HINO ArmTech
The all new 300 series vehicles are now equipped with a tracking device, which is connected to a call center 24/7. Owners can easily track the vehicle movements and also help to recover their truck within the shortest possible time in the event of theft. The device will be fitted with the 1st year of servicing fee also covered by HINO.
Launched in the presence of Mr. Ichirou Hisada, Senior Managing Officer, Hino Motors Ltd., Japan, Mr. Mitsuharu Tabata, General Manager, Hino Motors Ltd., Japan, Mr. Aqil Ahmad Azizuddin, Chairman of Hino Motors Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Mr. Kenji Tamura, Finance Director of Hino Motors Manufacturing Malaysia, member of the media and HMSM Dealers, the new HINO 300 Series (LCV range) will definitely provide safer journeys at its best.
On top of safer trucks, Mr. Iwamoto also highlights the importance of customer’s knowledge about safety driving. The effort in providing Total Support to customers has been HINO’s aim from the beginning. HINO support to their customers is never ending. The existing Hino Total Support Customer Centre (HTSCC) in Sendayan is like the backbone to their customers.
Iwamoto in his speech said, “Since its establishment in 2014, HINO has conducted numerous training courses thus, equipping drivers with professional driving skills and knowledge. Currently, HINO is providing safety training courses such as “Safety & Eco-cien Driver Training” and “Driver Familiarization Training”. To date, HTSCC has been a success and one of HMSM’s efforts to maximize customer’s satisfaction towards the brand. Thus, through this achievement in these 2 years, HINO invested more than RM8 million to improve the training centre for future benefit. The upgrading project of HTSCC will improve customer’s experience in a sense of maximizing touch-points with customers. “
Seeing that the need for professional drivers is rising, the new project of HTSCC, which is currently in progress, will see new training courses to be introduced. Such courses are “Driver Trainer Training”, “Driving and Human Reaction Training”, “Night Driving Training” and “Drivers Aptitude Test / Training”. Expansion of curriculum courses imparts full knowledge to drivers. These are HINO’s stepping stones to improve customer retention as well as being a part of HINO’s involvement in supporting the road safety efforts by the government.
HINO has built a solid reputation through the outstanding QDR, which means, Quality, Durability and Reliability. HINO’s mission is not only to develop a product which is a perfect fit for each customer’s business, but also to ‘Maximise vehicle Up-Time’ and ‘Minimise vehicle Life-Time Cost’. With the HINO Total Support Customer Center in Sendayan, HINO is striving to deliver the best support to our customer with necessary training and also safety driving techniques.

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