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Industry News: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia's Quarter 1 2017 Performance Report - Everything is still ship shape!

Things are still rosey for Mercedes-Benz here in Malaysia during this first quarter of 2017! Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) has reported that it had delivered 2,945 vehicles to customers in the first quarter of 2017, registering double digit growth of 11% compared to the first quarter of 2016. Mercedes-Benz remains the undisputed leading premium brand in Malaysia with 2.3% total industry market share.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia have also stated that they had invested over RM900m since its incorporation in 2003. These are all impressive numbers. After-sales has also grown with a whole lot of cars serviced and financial services have also grown hand in hand. I mean, this is basically the same as the last time I talked about MBM's performance figures. The numbers are still climbing.

Whilst they are cautious in terms of the volatility of the local market, they believe that they have done the necessary and have a good system in places. I also happen to like the fact that the company is really giving back to its customers. As an example, the recently launched CKD or locally assembled E200 W213 sedan is actually priced similar to the E200 W211 series that was sold in 2011. They are actually passing back some of their savings from tax exempts back to their customers! And one must note that the newest W213 sedan is super impressive inside and out. You are getting more tech and more car that before but it is even cheaper than the previous CKD W212 E-class. 

Simple things like these makes a great company greater. I suppose I may be a little biased when it comes to this brand. But the numbers that you see in the press release below also state the same fact.

Mercedes-Benz underlines Leadership Position with Record First Quarter

 Mercedes-Benz Malaysia delivers 2,945 vehicles to customers in the first

quarter of 2017, registering double digit growth of 11%.

 Mercedes-Benz remains the undisputed leading premium brand in

Malaysia with 2.3% market share.

 Mercedes-Benz a committed investor in Malaysia investing over RM900m

since incorporation.

 Mercedes-Benz Malaysia continues to focus on raising the bar of

customer satisfaction and service.

 (from left) Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) Vice President, After Sales, Mercedes-Benz Cars, Mr Heinrich Schromm; President and CEO, Dr Claus Weidner; and Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Cars, Mr Mark Raine,

Kuala Lumpur, 25 April 2017 – Leading premium German marque, Mercedes-
Benz Malaysia (MBM), took the chequered flag in the premium vehicle

segment for the first quarter of 2017 after another stellar performance. MBM

recorded a double digit sales growth of 11%, retaining a leading market share

of 2.3% in the premium passenger car segment. Led by a robust customer-
centric strategy, the three-pointed star is geared for a spirited year, delivering

its seamless end-to-end brand experience to customers in Malaysia.

“We are in the business of cars and people. Being the pioneer and foremost

innovator in the automotive business, our success is driven by our cutting-
edge technology and commitment of placing customers at the centre of our

activities. Our best practices have enabled us to immerse customers in a

360° Mercedes-Benz experience that encompasses both the Best Products

and the Best Customer Experience,” said Mercedes-Benz Malaysia President

and CEO, Dr Claus Weidner.

“We are very pleased to announce that MBM delivered to customers an

impressive 2,945 units in the 1st Quarter of 2017 achieving a best ever first

quarter. This translated into a significant sales growth of 11% compared to the

same period last year. With over 50 fascinating vehicle variants in our


April 25, 2017

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Corporate Communications

portfolio, it is clear that we take great pride in providing our customers with

the biggest product portfolio in the Malaysian market that suit a wide variety

of lifestyles and requirements,” added Vice President, Sales and Marketing,

Passenger Cars, Mr Mark Raine.

Setting its own pace amidst a challenging economy, MBM excelled in the 1st

Quarter of 2017, led by its diverse product portfolio, with the support of its

premium after-sales care and peace of mind financing solutions. MBM

remains optimistic about its growth guided by its pillars of providing

fascinating vehicles, flexible financial solutions and innovative insurance

products in addition to unparalleled brand, product and service experience.

In Quarter 1 of 2017, MBM’s locally produced limousines, comprising the

Mercedes-Benz C-, E-, and S-Class, collectively recorded a total of 1,820 units

delivered to customers. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class topped the list with

1,083 units closely followed by the E-Class selling a total of 610 units. The

compact vehicles comprising the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, B-Class, GLA and

CLA Class recorded 434 units.

A significant contributor to the quarter’s healthy sales growth was the

Mercedes-Benz SUV range which recorded 594 units delivered to customers,

a 247% jump compared to the 1st quarter of 2016. Notably the Mercedes-
Benz GLC marked a 306% growth, recording a total of 491 units sold.

Another notable growth segment for the first quarter was the Mercedes-Benz

Dream Cars range which recorded 93 units sold, translating into a 365% surge

compared to 1Q2016.

Evolving hand-in-hand with its healthy sales growth, MBM continued to ramp

up after sales capabilities with greater customer-centric features at touch-
points nationwide. In Q1 2017, MBM’s dealer network, serviced a total of

30,629 vehicles. Todate, MBM has 30 dedicated dealerships nationwide, the

newest being the Mercedes-Benz Cycle & Carriage Bintang Cheras Autohaus,

and the newly enhanced Mercedes-Benz Mofaz Kota Bharu and Mercedes-
Benz Mofaz Kuala Terengganu Autohauses.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Corporate Communications

Reaffirming MBM’s commitment to the Government’s aspirations of becoming

an Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) hub, Dr Weidner said, “The future of mobility,

as we know it, is in autonomous and emission-free vehicles. The automotive

sector has begun moving in this direction and Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

continues to be an active contributor to the dialogue of best practices in

relation to EEV. In preparation for this, MBM remains active in developing

skilled and dynamic professionals equipped to perform in today’s evolving

automotive environment. This commitment is evident with the recent launch

of our MBM Training Academy in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong.”

In tandem with the volume of Mercedes-Benz vehicles delivered to customers,

the MBM Training Academy’s capacity has been increased to accommodate

over 2,000 training days per year. The academy features a fully operational

workshop for real world workplace simulation and state-of-the-art training

rooms purposefully built and equipped according to the latest Daimler AG

Global Training standard.

“Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has invested over RM900 million in the production,

sales and distribution of our vehicles since 2003 up until 2016. Our aim has

always been to continue strengthening the business in this country to deliver

the best products and best customer experience, and to continue growing the

market,” said Dr Weidner.

Another positive indicator for the three pointed star was in the production

growth of its plant in Pekan, Pahang which produced 1,977 units in 1Q2017.

The plant currently produces 11 variants, namely the Mercedes-Benz C180

Avantgarde, C200 Exclusive, C200 Avantgarde, C250 AMG, the new CKD E-
Class comprising the E200 Avantgarde, E250 Exclusive, E250 Avantgarde,

and E350e, the Mercedes-Benz S400h AMG, together with the first locally

produced Mercedes-Benz SUV, the GLC250 AMG; and the first locally

produced Mercedes-Benz plug-in hybrid, the Mercedes-Benz C350e.

The Mercedes-Benz experience continues beyond the purchasing process.

Caring for both customer and car, Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia (MBSM),

MBM’s sister company, further supports the end-to-end experience by

assuring customers complete peace of mind. This is through its limitless

menu of customisable financial and insurance solutions. Servicing a current

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Corporate Communications

portfolio of RM1.9 billion*, MBSM is on track to grow its reach in the

Malaysian market.

On a global level, Daimler AG recently announced that Mercedes-Benz

achieved sales of 560,625 units from January to March 2017 (+16%), its best

quarter of all time. The three-pointed-star sold more vehicles in March than

ever before in one month, delivering 228,296 cars to customers, an increase

of 14.8%.

Daimler AG reported that unit sales in the Asia-Pacific region increased to a

new record of 78,649 cars registered in March (+23.1%). In the first three

months of the year, Mercedes-Benz delivered more vehicles to customers

than ever before in a quarter (219,418 units, +27.4%). In South Korea,

Australia and Malaysia, the Stuttgart-based company set best-ever figures for

sales in March and in the first quarter.

*The numbers for 2017 are unaudited and subject to change.

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