Sunday, July 12, 2015

Spotted for Sale: Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition

This is the first Alfa Romeo 4C on sale in Malaysia. It is obviously brought in by a local A.P. holder and is steeply priced at RM550,000. The original price for such a car is about 45,000 Pounds Sterling. How 45,000GBP gets translated to RM550,000 is probably due to the fact that exchange rates are at 1GBP = RM5.80 and at least 200+% of excise duty. 

So would I buy such a car? Well, there is no official dealer or service center these days for Alfa Romeo. This means you would be at the mercy of a few specialty shops catering to the marque. This would be slowly declining too as eventually there would be less money to be made when there are less of the marque to go around. So after sales is going to be a pain.

Secondly, you could get an almost new Lotus Exige for cheaper. That car is officially sold in Malaysia, is about the same size as the 4C and is sold for RM400,000 at the most. You could also go get a Porsche Cayman from an A.P holder for around RM300,000+ or even a Cayman S. The Porsches are more luxurious and you would not need to visit the chiropractor as often as you need if you bought the Lotus. Or the Alfa for that matter. Note. The Alfa is about as large as the Exige S and therefore you have to twist and bend yourselves into one. This means chubby people would have some issues.

Thirdly, it boils down to owning a slightly used 4,500km mileage 1,750cc turbocharged car for RM550,000. I think I would like to spend my half a million Ringgit on a more exotic engine. Maybe at least a 2.5 v6. 4 cylinders and 1,750cc somehow is a little sad for half a million. No Top Trumps fun in engine displacement you may say. Heck, if I wanted 240hp I could get more in a RM300,000 Scirocco R.

Autocar UK has reviewed the 4C and found that it has some flaws. Of course it does. It's Italian. But personally, its the price that is puts me off this car even though it may stir some feelings in my loins. RM550,000 is in my opinion a little too steep. This is just the dealer trying to find some fish to fry. Fish with lots of money to blow that is. But that being said, there are some really hardcore Alfisti out there. 

Catch the original ad here while it lasts (Thanks to Jamil for the heads up earlier - you know who you are) AND also below.


~ Year make : 2014 / Unregistered 
~ Color : Rosso Alfa With Nero Leather And Microfibre Fabric With Red Stitching

~ 1.75L 4-Cylinder Turbocharged. 240Bhp
~ 6 speed Alfa TCT Dual Dry Clutch Transmission
~ Rear Wheel Drive
~ Chassis is composed of a central carbon fiber tub, with aluminium subframes front and rear
~ Launch Edition Badging and Presentation Pack
~ Launch Edition Sport Exhaust
~ Carbon Fiber Pack With Launch Edition Rear Spoiler
~ Carbon Fiber Headlamp
~ Front 18" & Rear 19" Alfa Classic Wheels
~ Red Brembo Brakes Caliper
~ Microfibre Sport Steering Wheel With Paddle Shift
~ Parking Sensor
~ Bluetooth

This car has covered a mere 4,600KM. 
A Mint condition specimen for sale
at the most competitive price.

Serious inquiries only.
No test pilots / time wasters.
A genuine Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition for sale to Bonafide Buyers.

*Viewing By Appointment Only


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