Wednesday, June 10, 2015

TOC launches basic Car Maintenance short course with emphasis on basic car maintenance and road safety

L to R - Mr Allen Cabiles - Director Training TOC, Mdm Adeline Foo -Founder/CEO TOC, Mr Abdul Haris Lakar DDG JKJR, Mr Mohammad Fakhri Mansor Director Selangor State JKJR and Cik Aien Mokhtar- CCO TOC

I was over at The Automotive College aka The Otomotif College (TOC) yesterday to witness the launch of their new half day course called Car Maintenance 101. The course was launched with the aim to increase awareness of the importance of roadworthy car and how it plays a part in road safety today.

The course, Car Maintenance 101 is designed for those who wish to learn about car maintenance, how to save on maintenance and servicing costs as well as basic road safety knowledge. It was officially launched by the Deputy Director General of Road Safety (JKKR) Mr. Abdul Haris Lakar at the TOC campus here in Petaling Jaya.

Touring the TOC facility

TOC founder and CEO Mdm Adeline Foo mentioned that through the Car Maintenance 101 course, TOC provides the public the facilities to obtain knowledge and understanding of basic car maintenance, repair techniques and safe driving tips. Basic car maintenance is the key to road safety. Quite simply, if the car is working fine, its brakes work fine, wipers work, lights work etc, it reduces the chances of having an accident from faulty equipment.

The short course is a result of the coming together of TOC's 20 local and international trainers led by Mr Allan Cabiles. It is divided into four segments – Lecture, Practical, Assessment and a Talk on Safety. It will cover topics like basic important car components, service, tyres, tools and basic maintenance inspection. The road safety talk will focus on safe driving tips and techniques on driving maneuvers, dealing with breakdowns as well as handling less ideal road conditions like rain, dealing with road bullies and even on theft prevention steps.

On the involvement of JKJR, the department wishes that private institutions, schools and universities and other government organisations increase the number of road safety programmes throughout the country. TOC doing so is a good start and is the reason they, JKJR, are here to lend support. Those interested in statistics would love to know that in the district of Petaling Jaya, 2450 accidents were reported in March 2015 compared to the same period last year where 2110 cases were reported. March 2015 had 9 cases of death related to road accidents compared to 8 in February 2015. 

Accidents are on the rise people. Take extra care on the roads. So if any of you are interested in this basic car maintenance course conducted by TOC, it would be conducted mostly on weekends and would cost RM200 per person and will be conducted at the TOC campus in Section 19 Petaling Jaya. I would suggest car clubs get its members to join in a group so that they get to do something slightly different from the norm and learn something useful too. Knowledge is the key to a whole lot of stuff.

More info can be garnered by heading to the TOC website at

Note the 'Citroen AX' aka Proton Tiara at the Citroen sponsored Franco-Malaysia section of the training centre

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