Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Merdeka Eve....Stay Home...Merdeka Morning's much more like it!

As most of you who’ve read my blog will notice, there are no pictures in here. Unlike some other blogs that have pictures, diagrams and so on, mine is the basic, no frills blog space as I am actually too darn lazy and cheap to pay for a domain name or take pictures. I mean, if I write about a Mazda 6, you can find a photograph of it on the Mazda website or from some automotive related website somewhere on the web. I’m just here to tell you my point of view.

Right, on another note, tonight is Merdeka Eve and the roads of Kuala Lumpur will be jam packed with motorists of various sorts. We’re going to also see the emergency room in the Kuala Lumpur Hospital be jam packed with Mat Rempit related accident cases and also the usual alcohol related stuffs also. So, if you intend to celebrate the Malaysian Indepence Day, try going out to the neighbourhood mamak stall, pub, restaurant or a bistro in the suburbs. You may survive the outing and live another day. Furthermore, what’s the fun in driving your car through jam packed KL? You’ve suffered with jams the whole week and you actually want to face more jams at night?

So have you noticed that if you’ve actually gone out Merdeka year after year, and you’re around 30-40 years of age, you’d have noticed that you’ll never achieve the fun you had celebrating Merdeka when you were around 18-24years of age. This is the period when you and your friends just got your licence and were still in some college or university. You’d notice that as you get older, none of your friends got drunk so often, crashed their cars into the nearest monsoon drain or managed to bonk a girlfriend of two on Merdeka Eve. You’d also notice that you’ll be sitting in the pub chair or mamak chair reminiscing about old times and trying to act all cool and all with your as old as you are mates. Notice that the situation I’m describing is actually pretty boring. Like you’re about to get ready to retire or something like that.

Essentially, that’s just not the case; you must remember that at this age, you’re already either married, divorced, or single but, you have more money in your pocket than you have ever had compared to when you were 20, driving your mum’s hand-me down Honda Civic and trying to act cool. Actually that’s describing me, but you get the point. At 30 something, what is a Merdeka Eve holiday when you can afford to just spend obscene amounts of money (if you converted your Ringgit to Rupiah its an obscene figure) and go for a nice long drive, with or without your family in tow to some windy road on Merdeka Day itself. If you’re a car nut like me, that’s what I’d be doing. I’d go to bed at the usual time you’d sleep everyday, forget about watching fireworks, wake up, take the car I’d enjoy the most, go for a morning drive tomorrow and feel, “Boy, I am a lucky bastard!” Isn’t that just great? Isn’t that sort of freedom a more fulfilling vision of Independence than being stuck in a jam on Merdeka Eve? You tell me.


Sua_Diablo said...
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Sua_Diablo said...

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Boom Boom Boom.. and off i go to bed.. Yeah, i remember those days when Merdeka and New Year's eve were full of fun and stupid acts.

I was actually talking about something similar with our fellow blogger zooie last night during our regular TT session. The topic was about how we, during our college or Uni days had so much access to pretty, horny and hot women (well this came up as there was actually a really hot russian college girl sitting a few tables away). We concluded that we could've gotten all the hot women we wanted at that time if we had the money that we earn now.. You see, that's the problem, we had the access to all the fun, but we had no means to achieve them.. Now when we have the means, we are fresh out of 'all access' passes. Well, we can still try, but the problem is most of us start yawning after about 12.30am, even when we are in a club!

Yeah.. we can all say that life is like that.. it's so unfair... but then i open my emails and see Dato' Misai's son partying with really hot chicks.. bet you he has the money that we did not have during our days.... so, it is a fact of life for us? or are we just unlucky buggers?

zooie said...

Riggy thanks for including my status as part of the demographics. Hahaha

Merdeka! Another holiday. Another precious day to sleep in. Hahaha

Sua is right. There used to be a time when we'd be out painting the town red on an eve of a holiday. In fact there was a time when we'd be painting the town red every night. Before we had the time but not the money. Now we have the money and probably the time but just can't be stuffed. Well that and also the fact that most of us are yawning and trying to stay awake after 12.30.

But with the number of cars on the roads these days, getting stuck in a crawl at night is just not appealing enough to go out. Safe to say having to go through rush hour traffic the whole week is more than enough stress for me, thank you very much.

Besides going out these days just reminds you how old you are. The crowd seems to be getting younger and younger. Pretty soon you'll see clubbers who look like they should still be in kindergarten. Hahaha